Papillion, NE
Mechanical Engineering


Hello! My name is Robyn Wells and this is my third year at OSU. I am an out of state student having graduated from a high school in Nebraska. However, since I am from a military family I have lived in multiple states as well as a different country. I am now happy to call Corvallis home.

What drew me to OSU specifically was the friendly atmosphere, the academic drive, and the excellent Honors College. OSU is a very welcoming school with an excellent engineering program that offers many engineering majors. When I first came to OSU I thought that it would be a very likely that I would change to a different engineering major so the fact that OSU has a variety of majors appealed to me. I also knew that the exploratory studies program could have been beneficial if I decided that engineering wasn’t right for me. Fortunately, taking the classes needed for my major has only reconfirmed my choice to be a mechanical engineer. I was also drawn to the prospect of the MECOP internship program for engineers.

On top of OSU being an excellent university for engineering, the Honors College has been a huge benefit to my experience and learning here. The Honors College offers advisors to help make decisions about which classes to take, how someone wants to tackle their thesis, and how the college experience can be the most beneficial to the individual. The honors classes I have taken have been excellent in terms of professors and class size. I feel comfortable sharing my questions and ideas in a small class setting as opposed to the giant lecture halls of many normal classes. I have also frequently used our computer lab and printers. Let me tell you, free printing is great!

While engineering is my future career goal, I am involved in many other activities at OSU. I am in the OSU Marching Band, and am a squad leader of the bass drum section. I have also been a part of one of the concert bands playing bassoon. I am a regular at OSU’s ballroom dance club, where a variety of dances are taught and the opportunity to dance them is given. In the past year I was a member of the MU Advisory board, where decisions about budgets were discussed and compromised. Currently I am also mentoring six different first year students, both in the Honors College as well as the Women in Engineering Program. I am in the very beginning stages of my thesis project, with the subject of Human Factors Engineering. These past few years have been filled with learning, growing, and broadening my horizons, all thanks to OSU and the opportunities that the Honors College has presented.

I would encourage anyone reading this to apply for the Honors College here at OSU, since the benefits are great and there is no harm in applying. If you have any questions about the Honors College or OSU in general, feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to help!