Sherwood, OR
Radiation Health Physics
Mathematics, Political Science


Hello, everybody! My name is Simon Brundage, and I am a third-year student in the College of Engineering and the Honors College at Oregon State University. While I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I have spent the majority of my life in Oregon. Most recently, I moved from Sherwood, Oregon, to my current home at OSU.

For me, Oregon State University was, and still is, the perfect fit. As a university with both engineering and liberal arts-based characteristics, OSU offers the depth and rigor of a math and science curriculum, while also presenting an opportunity to develop other practical skills such as technical writing, philosophy, and rhetoric. The combination of these elements made OSU a safe choice for me. Coupled with my acceptance to the Honors College (and generous scholarship aid), it was not only a safe choice, but also the obvious choice.

When I arrived at OSU, my professional aspirations were in the field of medicine. I believed a career in radiation oncology would befit my interest in radiation physics and health care. Shortly before the Summer of 2016, though, I was offered the opportunity to intern in the United States Senate--funded by the Honors College Experience Scholarship.

This experience heavily influenced my professional interests. Importantly, it revealed I was less interested in medicine as a practice, and more interested in health care policy-making. Since then, I have committed to pursuing an education in health care and constitutional law, with the end goal of obtaining a Juris Doctor (J.D.).

Experiences such as this have given me a deep appreciation for the Honors College. The HC embraces research exploration; student-faculty mentorships; volunteerism; and, of course, the building of intellectual and social relationships between similar-minded peers. These qualities have manifested themselves in many ways over the course of my time in the HC.

For example, I took Honors General Chemistry with Dr. Vincent T. Remcho during my Fall Term, 2014. Following his class, I began volunteering in Dr. Remcho’s lab, working closely with a graduate student mentor in refining the use of quantum dots for detecting DNA. At the end of Spring Term, 2015, I worked with Dr. Remcho and Dr. David Hamby (in the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering) in creating an application for the Honors College DeLoach Work Scholarship--an opportunity which would allow me to begin my own funded research project. Notably, these kinds of experiences are not unique; all HC students have these opportunities.

In conclusion, my time in the Honors College has been enriching and fulfilling. I encourage all prospective freshmen to explore the idea of applying. Please, feel free to email me regarding any questions you may have about the Honors College, the College of Engineering, or Oregon State University, in general.