In addition to opportunities that exist for all outstanding undergraduates at Oregon State University, Honors College students are eligible to apply for the following sources of support for research and experiential learning. Please note that students who have not previously received an experiential award during the current academic year will have preference in review, and students are not eligible to receive multiple HC awards for the same experience. In general, students are eligible to receive one experiential award each academic year they are enrolled in the Honors College. Receipt of awards is not guaranteed, and applications are reviewed based on impact of the funding and value of the experience on applicant's goals and education.

The Honors College currently has two award applications, the Honors Experience Scholarship and the DeLoach Work Scholarship.

Honors Experience Scholarships and Grants

The Honors Experience Scholarship can provide students with up to $1,000 in support of learning experiences outside of the classroom such as study abroad, research, internships, travel to professional conferences, or service learning. This scholarship is open to all HC students. Funding is limited and reviews are competitive. Paid experiences are not eligible for award. Awards can be paid as scholarships, reimbursements, or direct bill depending on the type of experience. Please keep in mind that review of applications can take up to six weeks, so apply well in advance of your experience if possible.

Some experiential scholarships will be awarded through the Ken and Paula Krane Experiential Learning Scholarship and the James Krueger Honors Fund. Both scholarships were created by long-time faculty members and friends of the Honors College to support the Honors experience.

Travel awards may be funded by the "Grandma Honors" Professional Travel Award. Supported by an endowment established by Mrs. Anita Summers, known to many Honors students as “Grandma Honors,” this award is intended to provide partial support for travel related expenses to Honors students presenting their research at a professional meeting in their field. Students who receive awards for travel are required to adhere to the travel guidelines of Oregon State University.

DeLoach Work Scholarship

The DeLoach Work Scholarship program enables OSU faculty members to support undergraduates working at a task that materially enhances their academic training and that supports the instructional, curricular, or outreach missions of the university. Work Scholarships are awarded on a per-term basis. Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Barton DeLoach endowed the DeLoach Work Scholarship Fund with generous gifts and bequests between 1977 and 1988. Dr. DeLoach was an Oregon State faculty member from 1935 to 1949.

Some DeLoach awards are funding in full or in part by the Chambers Environmental Research Fund. The Chambers Fund is intended to foster projects or research in applied environmental enhancement and/or conservation involving the preservation or betterment of Oregon’s wilderness, natural resources, or quality of life.  This fund was established in 1977 in memory of Richard Chambers, a pioneer in Oregon environmental protection who developed anti-litter legislation which still stands today as an example of how recycling efforts can reduce the flow of garbage and conserve increasingly precious energy. Chambers awards will provide up to $500 toward the DeLoach award funding.  All DeLoach applications that are environmental in nature will be reviewed for eligibility to receive the Chambers Environmental Research Award.