HC alum Julia Bingham spent her summer after graduation building on the research she began with her Honors College thesis, in which she launched the first systematic evaluation of gooseneck barnacle biology in Oregon. By encouraging collaboration between scientists, fishers and the public, Bingham and her team aim to foster a sustainable approach to management of a potential West Coast market for goosenecks. Read the full article on Honors Link.

Congratulations to the classes of 1997-2001 - the first winners of the Honors College Alumni Scholarship Challenge!

The Honors College 20th Anniversary Year was a milestone in ways that went beyond the college's 20th birthday. We had our first major all-college reunion event on October 23rd, 2015, an incredible day of activities and connections; we moved into a beautiful new building, the Learning Innovation Center, a world-class teaching and learning facuility; and we completed an alumni giving campaign that was unprecedented in the college's history in scope, the 20th Anniversary Alumni Challenge. Led by the Honors College Alumni Leadership Circle, the campaign raised $5,450 in support of scholarships for Honors College students - including giving to named scholarships and contributions through the Honors College Board of Regents and Parent Leadership Circle, Honors College alumni and their families gave $83,122.50 to the college in 2015, a record high total. Incredible!

The $5,450 deriving from the campaign will be used to support four scholarships in 2016, two merit- and need-based $1,500 awards, which will cover the Honors College differential tuition, and two $1,000 experience scholarship awards, which will support students pursuing learning outside the classroom through international opportunities, research, and service. Look to this space and the Honors College Alumni Facebook page for updates on the awardees.

Ah, but what about the "challenge" element of the campaign, you might ask? When we began, we broke our graduating classes into four groups, the classes of 1997-2001, 2002-2005, 2006-2009, and 2010-2015, and we set up a contest between the groups to achieve the highest percentage of participation in the campaign. Close readers will have already noticed the header at the top of this page giving away the result - the classes of 1997-2001 are the winners of the first Oregon State University Honors College Alumni Scholarship Challenge Class Leadership Award, with 6.5% of class members contributing to the campaign! The classes of 2002-2005 and 2006-2009 each had participation rates of a bit over 3%, while 1.5% of more recent graduates joined in. Congratulations and thank you to the classes of 1997-2001! They will be commemorated on a plaque that will hang in the SLUG. And thank you to everyone who participated; we know that life is very busy and very demanding. Your support for Honors College students makes a huge impact, and we appreciate it. Everyone who contributed will receive an Honors College pin in recognition of your involvement.

We had such success with this first campaign, though, that we plan to now make it an annual tradition. Whichever class group contributes as the highest percentage will be recognized as that year's winner of the Alumni Scholarship Challenge Class Leadership Award and added to our plaque in the SLUG. All gifts will go toward support current-use tuition and experiential scholarships for Honors College students. For updates and information about giving, see our campaign hq.

Of course there are many other ways to be involved with the Honors College community, and we are working now to expand opportunities for alumni to engage with students. If you want to be a part of this, contact Kevin Stoller, the HC director of external relations and operations, at 541.737.6425 or kevin.stoller@oregonstate.edu. Of course, it's hard to get involved if we can't get in touch with you, so we also encourage you to complete our HC alumni survey, to provide updated information about you and your current contact information.

We look forward to seeing you soon!