As you plan or adjust your Spring schedule, take a look at the interesting courses below (many of them being offered in the Honors College for the first time!).

See the Spring 2017 course descriptions for more details, or check out the Academic Year Schedule for all of the honors courses currently planned for 2016-17. And don’t forget the HC 409 options for cultural ambassadorship and civic engagement! Click on the links for more information.


ANTH 380H Cultures in Conflict

CRN: 59375 Section 001 LEC F 1000 - 1250 3 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Eric Jones

Communication and commerce draw East and West, industrial and pre-industrial, state and stateless societies together. Beliefs and values clash and complement one another. Explores the processes of intercultural contact, cross-cultural interaction, and the consequences of global penetration of European-American culture. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Contemporary Global Issues


ENG 106H Introduction to Poetry

CRN: 59352 Section 001 LEC TR 1200 - 1320 3 HC Credit(s)

Instructor(s): Vicki Tolar-Burton

This course provides an overview of the main modes, techniques, and characteristics of poetry through an examination of world poetry. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Literature and the Arts


HC 299 Feminist Forum

CRN: 59355 Section 003 SEM T 1800 – 1950 Class meets weeks 1 & 9, with additional required workshop on Sunday 4/23/17, 10 AM - 4 PM. 1 HC Credit(s)

Instructor(s): Barbara Muraca, Marisa Chappell, & Bradley Boovy

The Feminist Forum employs the participatory and interactive method called 'market place' for an introduction into the history, relevance, and actuality of feminist perspectives. Students are invited to search different types of materials made available by the instructors in a creative, self-determined way and work together in groups to a collaborative and interactive output. Class meets weeks 1 & 9, with additional required workshop on Sunday 4/23/17, 10 AM - 4 PM. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Theory for a Warming Planet

CRN: 59356 Section 009 SEM MW 900 - 950 2 HC Credit(s)

Instructor(s): Evan Gottlieb

In this colloquium, we will read, analyze, and discuss some of the most cutting-edge theory regarding the ways we need to change our modes of thinking -- and then, of course, our behaviors -- to meet the challenges of a rapidly warming planet. Can contemporary theorists from around the world help us conceive new paradigms for living and thinking before it’s too late (at least for us)? Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Educational Resources for Everyone! Open Access and Social Justice

CRN: 59358 Section 014 SEM MW 1300 - 1350 2 HC Credit(s)

Instructor(s): Stefanie Buck & Maura Valentino

The rising cost of higher education including textbooks and other course materials creates financial, legal, and social barriers to essential educational materials. In this course, we will explore the philosophy behind the Open Access movement, the belief that educational and research materials should be freely available. Activities will include creating a guide to help instructors select open access resources for their courses, faculty and student interviews, creating OA marketing tools, and reflections on reading and discussions. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HST 390H Mideast Women: In Their Own Words

CRN: 59362 Section 001 LEC MW 1400 - 1550 4 HC Credit(s)

Instructor(s): Jonathan Katz

The lives of modern Middle Eastern women as told in memoirs, autobiography and film. First-person narratives and film portrayals provide the means for understanding historical events and contemporary trends in the region. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Contemporary Global Issues