As you plan or adjust your Winter schedule, take a look at the interesting courses below (many of them being offered in the Honors College for the first time!).

See the Winter 2018 course descriptions for more details, or check out the Academic Year Schedule for all of the honors courses currently planned for 2017-18. And don’t forget the HC 409 options for cultural ambassadorship and civic engagement! Click on the links for more information.


AEC 250H Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy

CRN: 39578; Section 001; T 1000 - 1120; 3 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): David Lewis

The course is divided into three primary sections. The first section will develop an understanding of rational choice theory, supply and demand, and price formation. The second section focuses on important applications of microeconomics to the environment, focusing on the policy problem of pollution control. The third section focuses on behavior of firms, with an emphasis on the implications of that behavior for the environment. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Social Processes & Institutions


HC 407 OSU, Women, and Oral History: An Exploration of 150 Years

CRN: 38918; Section 009; T 1000 - 1150; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Tiah Edmunson-Morton & Christoffer Petersen

Oregon State University will turn 150 years old in 2018 and this is your opportunity to study our school’s history and become part of it! As a participant in this class, you will prepare, conduct, and make available an in-depth oral history interview with a woman who works or studies on this campus (or who once did). These interviews will then be made available to the public through a dedicated web portal that you will help to create. Taught by two archivists and experienced oral historians, the class will use multiple approaches to instruction, making use of lectures, historic images, discussion and document analysis as we explore topics related to women’s history, as well as the practice and theory of oral history. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 The News Junkie's Handbook

CRN: 38924; Section 020; R 1400 - 1550; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Jonathan Katz

Topics we'll consider include challenges to print media and network news, the role of the internet, the rise of citizen reporting, and the phenomenon of fake news. Through excerpts from film, we'll also consider how journalism and reporting the news has been represented in the public eye. The ultimate question we'll address in this class is epistemological: How can you believe what you read and hear? Satisfies: HC Colloquia


PSY 399H How to Conduct Research on Human Subjects in 30 Weeks or Less

CRN: 38934; Section 001; R 1600 - 1750; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Frank Bernieri

Students will be taught the essentials of conducting survey research and behavioral research on human subjects. This course is designed for students who will have at least 4 terms left after Winter term. This course is targeted for students who are interested in conducting research on human subjects but who are not Psychology majors. Satisfies: HC Elective


TA 360H Multicultural American Theatre

CRN: 38935; Section 001; MWF 1500 - 1550; 3 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Charlotte Headrick

This class explores, examines, and analyzes the diverse scope of theatre in the United States. Units covered include the contemporary tehatre of the following genres: African-American, Latin@, Gay and Lesbian, Asian American, Native American/American Indian, Theatre of the Physically Challenged/Differently Abled. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Difference, Power, and Discrimination