As you plan or adjust your Fall schedule, take a look at the interesting courses below (many of them being offered in the Honors College for the first time!).

See the Fall 2017 course descriptions for more details, or check out the Academic Year Schedule for all of the honors courses currently planned for 2017-18. And don’t forget the HC 409 options for cultural ambassadorship and civic engagement! Click on the links for more information.


PAC 293H Mindfulness Skills for Creative Resilience

CRN: 26795; Section 001; T 1500 - 1650; 1 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Tsipora Berman

Journey to the seen and the unseen through a multi-sensory, interdisciplinary, transformative study of mindfulness utilizing a fun, creative variety of individual and group mind/body practices applicable to everyday life and across academic disciplines. Develop your own imagination, intuition, inspiration, integration, and interpretation including 15 sensory perceptions to live to your highest potential with resilience to navigate the challenges of personal and professional endeavors. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Fitness


GEO 352H Oregon: Geology, Place, and Life on the Ring of Fire

CRN: 27078; Section 001; Course is a field trip that takes place prior to Fall term; 4 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Kaplan Yalcin

The course will be taught entirely in the field at locations throughout Oregon as a nine day field trip (field trip dates Sept 9- Sept 17) with pre-trip orientation/introductions in Corvallis on September 8. Field trip locations will include the southern Oregon Coast and Siskiyou Mountains, the Cascades and Crater Lake, the High Lava Plains and Newberry Volcano, the northern Basin and Range and Steens Mountain, the Painted Hills and John Day Fossil Beds, the Elkhorn and Wallowa Mountains, the Columbia Plateau and Tygh Valley, and the Columbia River Gorge. This course is NOT for first-year students. Satisfies: HC Bacc Core - Science, Technology and Society


HC 407 Imaging the American West

CRN: 26974; Section 012; R 1000 - 1150; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): John Campbell

The American West is formative in American culture. The Western landscape has been imaged as iconic: a stage on which cultural constructions of individualism, gender, empire, otherness, and nature are graphically enacted. Western peoples, similarly, have often been presented as archetypes, representative of American myths, fears, and ideals. In this course, we will explore images of the West—paintings, photographs, and Western films—and their deep implications. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Bob Dylan and 1960s America

CRN: 26975; Section 015; T 1600 - 1750; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Robert Santelli

The words and music of Bob Dylan provided the soundtrack for the 1960s, one of the most turbulent decades in American history.  This course explores the ways in which Dylan's music influenced the major events of the '60s as well as the musical and literary implications of his most important songs. Satisfies: HC Colloquia