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Spring 2010 Week 11

Congratulations to our UHC Graduates!  Remember the UHC office remains open year-round!  Stop by if you are in town.   Best of luck on finals and have a great summer.

UHC Announcements

1.      Open Honors Courses

2.      UHC Commencement Reception Saturday, June 12 from 8:00am – 9:00am, STAG 233

3.      Internship, MECOP, Study Abroad or Taking a Break from OSU? - UHC Fee Waiver Form

4.      Interested in International Trade, and traveling to China all while working on your Thesis?


UHC Announcements

1. Open Honors Courses

Space is still available in many UHC courses.  Please check your schedule for fall and see if any might work for you.

There is still lots of room in:

ANTH/PS 399H  Principles of Population Then & Now

BA 340H Finance

BA 407H  Business Research

BB 405H  Science in the Public Eye

ENGR 112H Engineering Orientation II

HC 299  Design for all

HC 299  Learning through Listening

HC 407  Tantalizing Tales

ME 311H  Intro to Thermal-Fluid Science

ME 373H  Mechanical Engineering Methods

MTH 399H  Intro to Math Ecology

TCE 408H  Sundown Towns in Oregon

Z 499H  Climate Change in Oregon


2. UHC Commencement Reception

The University Honors College will be hosting a reception for graduating seniors and their families on Saturday, June 12th, from 8:00am - 9:00am. A light brunch will be provided while graduates can take pictures and say their goodbyes to UHC friends, staff and faculty. The event will take place in the UHC classroom, STAG 233.


3.  Internship, MECOP, Study Abroad or Taking a Break from OSU?- UHC Fee Waiver Form

If you plan to be gone next term on an internship, study abroad, national exchange, MECOP or just taking a break from OSU don't forget to fill out a UHC Resource Fee Waiver Request Form before the end of the term.  The form can be picked up in the UHC office (229 STAG) and must be returned to the office prior to August 1st. 


4. Interested in International Trade, traveling to China and all while working on your Thesis?

A unique opportunity is being offered to UHC students planning to graduate in the Spring/Summer 2012.  In collaboration with the College of Business the UHC is seeking a team of four to six students interested in learning about international business practices.  The team will interview business executives and professionals in Oregon whose companies are involved in international trade particularly in the food industry, and then to travel to Shanghai, China for the week following finals in June of 2011 to conduct similar interviews of business executives and professionals in Chinese businesses who are involved in international trade with Oregon companies.  Based on their interviews and other investigations, the team will produce multimedia documents to be used in courses to raise awareness of problems and opportunities unique to international business.  Each team member may also use this experience as the foundation for their Honors thesis as they investigate an aspect of international business practices in more depth.  Students will be required to participate in a one credit HC 409: Practicum in the Winter 2011 term where they will develop interview skills, research the companies, and plan the post-interview production of materials.  

Costs of participation, including travel to Shanghai, are expected to be heavily subsidized by the College of Business and the University Honors College.  

Dr. Ping-Hung Hsieh in the College of Business will serve as the advisor for this project.   If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact either Professor Hsieh Ping-Hung.Hsieh@bus.oregonstate.edu.