The thesis is the capstone of the UHC curriculum and one of the core requirements of the Honors Baccalaureate degree. In many ways, your thesis will represent the culmination of your undergraduate experience at Oregon State University, drawing on all of the skills, knowledge, and insights you’ve acquired. Years after graduation, you are likely to look back at this project as your most important academic experience.

While the thesis is a major project, it does not need to be an overwhelming one. Using Thesis Success in Stages (TheSIS) as your guide, you will work through four stages that divide the process into a series of manageable steps with resources that will support you along your thesis path. Each thesis journey is unique, and not all students will take advantage of each available resource. However, utilizing the TheSIS guide will keep you on course towards thesis completion in a purposeful, organized, and timely way.

Each stage of TheSIS contains a set of tasks that will bring you closer to completion. These stages are called START, LEARN, UNDERTAKE, and GRADUATE:



To be completed within the first three terms of joining the UHC

START, the first stage, involves learning about the thesis requirement and mapping out personalized goals.  START offers a framework for thinking about the thesis and possible paths to completion. Complete START during your first year in the UHC. If you are transferring into the UHC, you should complete START during your first term or as soon as possible. For more information, including specific tasks within START, visit the START page.



To be completed as indicated on your TheSIS map on file in the UHC

The second stage, LEARN, requires you to explore research at OSU by examining previous thesis work and speaking with OSU faculty. For information about LEARN, visit the LEARN page.



To be completed as indicated on your TheSIS map on file in the UHC

In UNDERTAKE, the third stage, you will choose a mentor and work with that mentor to select a topic, develop a research plan, and complete a formal thesis proposal. For more information, including specific tasks within UNDERTAKE, visit the UNDERTAKE page.



To be completed as indicated on your TheSIS map on file in the UHC

The final stage of TheSIS, GRADUATE, supports you in the process of actually writing the thesis, including drafting and revising chapters, designing a poster, planning the thesis defense and submitting your approved, bound thesis. For details about GRADUATE, visit the GRADUATE page.


“The UHC thesis was the single most valuable experience of my collegiate career. It led me to my career choice and helped shape my plans for the future.”

-Andrea Hill, UHC class of 2002



To begin the TheSIS Guide, click here for the START page.