University Honors College students are encouraged to submit their thesis proposals online, via the webform below. Please be sure that all information is entered correctly; all fields are required. Upon submission, the proposal will be forwarded to your thesis mentor for approval. You will receive an email copy of your submission and email notice of your mentor's approval determination. Upon receipt of approval from your mentor, you are ready to proceed with your thesis project - there will be no additional approval notification from the University Honors College.

Proposals submitted via webform are still expected to be edited, final documents, prepared in advance of submission. The Thesis Proposal Guidelines can  be used as a template for the preparation of your proposal.

Students who prefer to submit a paper copy of their proposal, signed by their thesis mentor, can do so in Strand 230.

This field should include a brief introductory statement of your thesis that explains your goals and topic to a general, educated reader (imagine your audience being your HC 408 class). This statement should provide contextualization necessary to explain why your project is important and its larger implications for your discipline.
Thesis Statement
In this field, write a one-sentence statement of your thesis that sets the parameters and objectives of your project. This statement can take many different forms, depending on the discipline of your project: it might be a hypothesis, a research question, or a goal statement. In all forms, the thesis statement should define a boundary for your thesis that clearly and simply states your overarching intent.
Approach or Methodology
In this section, describe the approach you will take in completing your thesis, explaining your research plan and analytic approach. This section might answer some or all of the following questions: What methods and materials will you use? How or where will you collect and analyze data? If you are producing a creative work, what themes and genres will it explore and what work process will you use? You might also note here any anticipated difficulties or pitfalls you expect to encounter and how you plan to address these. The content of this section will vary depending on the field of your thesis, so please consult your mentor.
IRB Approval
All students are required to indicate if their thesis requires approval from the Institutional Review Board. If your thesis involves human subject research, it may require approval before you begin research. If you have any questions about approval, the definition of "human subject research," or IRB, speak with your mentor or contact the IRB office on campus.
Expected Results or Anticipated Outcome and Significance
In this final section, please explain what new knowledge you expect to produce with your thesis and what you anticipate your thesis will contribute to your scholarly field. It is also helpful here to set your expected project outcomes in a broader context of scholarly or social significance (i.e., explain how this result is important).
A copy of your proposal will be sent to your thesis mentor for approval. Please only submit a proposal that you have discussed with your mentor.
Second Mentor
Please only complete the below information if you have a co-mentor on your thesis or have been directed to do so by the instructor of HC 408 UNDERTAKE.