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Volunteer and earn HC credit!

Did you know that volunteering can help you develop stronger skills and confidence?

“Participation in civil society (such as volunteerism) can develop habits that make individuals employable and strengthen the networks that help them find jobs.” –A report from the National Conference on Citizenship

Office of Community Engagement & Leadership (CEL) at OSU provides an opportunity for honors students to earn credit while participating in an ongoing community engagement project within the local community and exploring a community need or issue area of interest. Participating honors students commit to serving on average 2-3 hours per week within their project site, keeping track of their service hours, and completing a 2 page reflection paper on their experience and views on social responsibility due at the end of the term. Suggested readings will be provided.

“In order to better understand the effects of civic engagement, everyone should take an opportunity to volunteer on a project where they can personally connect with the people in their community whom they are trying to serve.” –Musa Moussaoui, volunteer at Mary’s River Gleaners, Winter Term 2014

The US Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation says that “tomorrow’s leaders will need to have: strong self-awareness; an ability to collaborate across sectors with deep empathy for the communities they serve; critical thinking skills to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges; and the courage to take action even in the face of stark adversity, including the crushing pressure of the status quo. This ‘growth mindset’ requires rolling up one’s sleeves, swallowing a dose of humility, and getting immersed in reality – and I’m not talking about TV.”

They also show that civic engagement is crucial for economic growth: “A study discussed in Promoting Student Engagement found that volunteers become emotionally connected to the communities they serve and sustain community involvement after volunteering – a strong positive indicator for future economic growth.”

How To Enroll

The HC 409 Civic Engagement credit needs to be signed up for by August 28th.

  1. First reflect on your interest areas and review the list of community placement opportunities at: Questions about community placement opportunities can be directed to Eric Beeler at [email protected].
  2. Students must meet with a HC advisor first to complete a Learning Agreement, and then have it signed by a CEL staff member.
  3. Then return the signed form to a HC advisor, who will enter an override and email students with registration instructions. Questions about enrolling for the HC 409 credits can be directed to Leanna Dillon at [email protected]