Alice Bayly
H.B.S., Anthropology, H.B.A., French

After graduation, Alice is looking forward to being obligation-free for at least a month and will go camping, go climbing, and kick-it with friends. After that, Alice will travel a bit and write as much as pssible! Then, either go into the Peace Corps or join a program like TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) for some immersive experience in speaking French. As Alice moves move forward, the plan is to follow whatever is pulling her - right now that is indigenous perspectives on human relationships with the environment - she wants to contribute the skills she has developed during the time at OSU to organizations/programs/initiatives that are important to her! Her goal is to continue to develop personally and, in everything she does to grow more and more into someone who is equipped to contribute some good to the causes that pull her.

Thesis: Transcendence: May Time Take These Bones, They Are Not Mine