Junction City, OR
Animal Science



This is my third year in the College of Agricultural Sciences and in the Honors College. I live in Junction City, Oregon, where I own a farm of beef cattle, laying hens, raspberries, and marionberries. I love running, especially with my chocolate lab, Bean. I am a competing member and club leader of the OSU Running Club, and I have run two marathons. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I am also the vice president for the OSU Poultry Science Club. Being part of this club has been a great opportunity for me to connect with faculty and with the
community. I chose to attend the Honors College because I enjoy taking smaller classes, they offer so many great opportunities, and I thought working with a professor to complete a thesis would be a challenging but fun experience. So far, the Honors College has exceeded my expectations. There are so many fun classes offered, and the smaller class sizes have allowed me to connect more with my peers and professors. I enjoy participating in Honors College events, including the Morning of Service, the Honors College Art Show, HC3 breakfasts, the Fall Welcome Dinner, and many more.

I am very excited about my thesis. I am writing a novel and working with a professor in the School of Writing, Literature, and Film. I have learned a lot about writing and about myself in this process. Working with my mentor has opened my eyes to the diversity of literature, and it has helped me improve my story immensely. After graduation, I plan to enroll in a graduate program at Oregon State. I enjoy teaching and helping other students, so I want to either be a high school agriculture teacher or an animal science professor. I also plan to continue to expand my farm, and eventually purchase my own
property. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the Honors College, the College of Agricultural Sciences, OSU’s Running Club, creative theses, or anything else.