Austin Mullins
Bremerton, WA
Physics & Mathematics


What’s up! Welcome to my page, my name is Austin Mullins. I’m a currently a third-year student at OSU studying Physics and Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry. Born in Monterey, California but raised in Bremerton, Washington, the Pacific Northwest has been what I call home for as long as I can remember. Finding hidden swimming holes and scaling the Olympics is a past time any Washingtonian can be proud of. The outdoors is where you’ll find me when I’m not studying for exams or squadding up in Fortnite with my friends.

Coming to Oregon State my sophomore year of high school, the red-brick buildings and colorful trees had my eyes set on coming to study at OSU in the fall after graduation. My acceptance into the Honors College sealed the deal. The small college aspect of the Honors College paired with the opportunities of a large-scale university helped me finalize my decision. A community with a passion to learn that exceeds beyond the norm defines what the Honors College is to me.

My time at OSU has been jam packed with academics and fun. Currently I’m part of two research groups, one that uses method of theoretical computational astrophysics to study star-disk models and their early development into proto-planetary systems and the other that studies the inorganic resistivity properties of metal pyrochlores. I’ve also had the opportunity to play intramural soccer, club rugby, and rush the field at Reser Stadium at the 2016 Civil War (GO BEAVS!).

Oregon State and the Honors College has provided me with the opportunity to do what I’m passionate about, it’s important to find an institution that provides you with such an opportunity. If you have any questions regarding the Honors College, Oregon State, or anything in-between, feel free to contact me. And as always, push limits and be boundless.