Peterson with a cow
Dr. Stacy Semevolos
Happy Valley, OR
Animal Science

From a girl who had mud caked on up to her knees to arm deep in a yearling ewe, pursuing my dream of veterinary medicine has never failed to end up in those awkward situations. Getting the chance to work on a multi-acre educational farm around a multitude of livestock has driven my desire to work in the large animal veterinary industry. Within these rough and tumble years, I developed a passion for cattle. From showing and raising for the county fair to managing the breeding sector for our cows, and throughout these next exciting years, I will be running our Club Cattle business and provide fellow FFA & 4-H youth with quality show cattle.

My aspiration towards this career has pushed me to be a better person and wanting to build a better future. Not only for the veterinary industry but the agricultural industry as a whole. Having our world understand the importance of where our food comes from, but also providing just as much support to each and every animal is incredibly important to me. I have faced some tough situations, from losing calves to facing unknown diseases, but it's the fact that those situations have always pushed me to gain more knowledge and experience. And I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing program and community, as well as to have Dr. Semevolos as my mentor. I can't wait for what the future holds!