Hillsboro, OR
Ecological Engineering and Chemical Oceanography


Aloha! My name is Gabriel Keali'i Jones, but Gabe works just fine. I am a second year student in the College of Engineering and CEAOS working towards a dual degree in Ecological Engineering and Chemical Oceanography where I plan to research coral recovery methods and how we can save our reefs. I was born and raised in Hillsboro Oregon (Go Falcs!). 

I was drawn to OSU because it's one of two universities to hold the land, sea, space, and sun grant certification. This means that the College of Science receives money for nearly all fields of science, and is willing to connect with a wide range of students and the greater Oregon community through research and outreach programs to tackle problems like overfishing, land use, energy production, and climate change. This drive to think big and follow through on goals like sustainability and creating a future for the planet really resonates with me. The honors college gives me the opportunity to conduct research through a supported thesis, and helps me network with other engineers.

Some of the places you'll find me on campus is as an RA in the Diversity LLC in Polling, I'm a member of the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation or LSAMP, I'm in the Ecological Engineering club, ALCHIE, an engineering society, and the Oceanography club. Outside of my school work, I enjoy fishing, hiking, cooking, and lacrosse. 

As an honors ambassador, I hope to welcome students and their families into the HC with open arms and support them in any way I can.