Portrait of Isabelle James
Dr. Bill Whitler
Happy Valley, OR
Animal Science

As cliche as it sounds, I always knew that I loved animals. As a young girl, I would always play with my toy veterinarian set and give “check ups” to my stuffed animals. I grew up in an urban environment, but after I moved to Oregon, I soon became immersed in agriculture. My passion came alive when I signed up for an animal sciences class at my high school and joined the FFA.
I have worked on a farm for the past four years, shown livestock at Clackamas County and Oregon State Fair, and even owned and bred a sow. Through my involvement in the FFA, I have also been able to compete in many different competitions (even nationally), coached veterinary science teams, and held several leadership positions. Through all these experiences, my aspiration for a career in veterinary medicine has only grown stronger. I want to be a voice for the unheard. I want to investigate and solve problems that affect the health of animals. I want to find new ways to improve animal welfare, because each and every animal is significant, whether it be a food animal or a companion animal.
I am so excited and thankful to be a part of the Pre-Vet Scholars Program!