Corvallis, OR
Computer Science and Business Analytics

English, Korean

Hello! My name is Kenneth Kang (He/Him/His), and I am a fourth-year student double majoring in computer science and business analytics. When I was in eighth grade, I encountered the most exciting game ever — Minecraft — which led to me study in computer science. However, my passion changed from game development to data science because I was surprised at how the world operates by just data itself. I eventually learned that combining data science and business applications will solve many problems that can impact the entire society in a meaningful way.

Therefore, I am pursuing those two majors despite how much work I need to put in.

I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, but also lived in South Korea for eight years; I lived in South Korea from first grade to eighth grade before moving back to Corvallis. I applied to the Oregon State University Honors College to experience what it is like to be part of a research group, enjoy small classroom sizes and to have a unique community within the Honors College, from professors to peers.

Besides being an Honors College Ambassador, I am a mentor in the Beaver Connect program to support first-year and transfer students on the Corvallis campus. Additionally, I have been part of the Honors College Student Leadership Circle, Honors College Student Association and the Honors College Peer Mentor-Mentee Program. In my free time, I love hanging out with my peers online playing video games, offline playing board games or even going places with them. Feel free to talk to me about the Honors College since I have been a part of it for over three years!