Lindsey Benoit
Bellevue, WA
Biology, pre-dental option


Hello! I’m Lindsey Benoit and I’m majoring in Biology with a pre-dental option, and also minoring in Public Health. I am currently a third year student at Oregon State. I am hoping to go to dental school after graduating, and I am working to achieve this goal by volunteering in a dental clinic, and volunteering with IMPACT and as a Wellness Agent as well.

Although I’m from Bellevue, Washington, I really wanted to come to Oregon State because I loved the college town it was in and the overall friendliness of the students here. I was hesitant about joining the Honors College since I was worried about college in general, but after joining my sophomore year I now know I would’ve had nothing to worry about and that the Honors College is a great college to be in! It not only motivated me to get into my research group early, but it gave me access to honors colloquia classes I never would’ve been able to take otherwise, and not to mention I get to sign up for all my classes really early.

I am currently in a Public Health research group where I get to help create a mindfulness-based program helping improve the quality of life of cancer survivors, and I also get to help with a project that focuses on opening up the conversation between couples with one as a cancer survivor about their sexual health. Through this research I have already learned so much about the struggles of cancer survivors and what we can do to help.

If you have any questions about getting into research early, finding volunteer opportunities, or being a pre-dental student, don’t hesitate to ask me because I would love to help!