Tucson, Arizona
Apparel Design and Merchandising Management


Hi! I’m Paige (she/her and/or he/him), a fourth-year senior double majoring in Apparel Design and Merchandising Management. I spent most of my life up until college living in Tucson, Arizona, and I’m a desert rat through and through. Part of my decision to come to OSU was based on the beauty of the campus in spring, and part of it was through the convenience due to some big life changes. 

I applied to the Honors College for fun, and I’m glad I did; it’s been one of my favorite things about being at OSU. The colloquia classes are so fun and so interesting, and a welcome break from major classes- I always look forward to taking one when I can fit it into my schedule! I met my best friend in an Honors class my freshman year, and I am beyond grateful for getting to meet her, since she’s been my saving grace a lot, and the Honors College is the only reason we would have met and the only way for us to really take classes together. It’s also been great for having the opportunity to explore something outside of my major with the honors thesis! I love my mentor and this opportunity to work with him more, and I’ve been having a ton of fun developing the color- and the poetry-based piece that it’ll be. 

One of my other favorite things about being here has been working with Prism, the arts, and literature publication here on campus. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Honors College (especially being non-STEM in it!), or really, just in general!