photo of Parker Hoppe
Dr. Luiz Bermudez
Mill Creek, WA
Biology, Pre-Vet Option

Growing up, everything I have wanted to do has always been about animals. I can't get enough of zoos, aquariums, tide pools, horse riding, pet sitting....basically any reason to be around animals and observe them. One of my favorite things was taking my pets to the vet. When I was in kindergarten, my cat Trixie was diagnosed with pica and I was captivated by the extraction surgery video to remove a blockage from her intestines. Rather than being grossed out at all, I was fascinated with the surgery and knew that veterinary medicine was a career that I wanted to pursue. That initial interest was expanded further when my dog was found to carry the MDR1 gene, making her sensitive to the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin. I've grown up with my two cats, Trixie and Jenny, and my mini Australian Shepherd Lindy, and have enjoyed pet sitting for several friends. I also have an interest in exotic animals such as the octopus and platypus. I am a former competitive swimmer and enjoy water sports and reading. 


I am excited to join the program this year and to work with my mentor, Dr. Bermudez. I look forward to volunteering with animals, participating in animal-related events, and meeting others in the pre-vet community.