Astoria, OR
Psychology, Pre-Med
Spanish, Chemistry

English, Hindi

Hi everyone! My name is Shrida Sharma. I am currently a senior Psychology student minoring in Spanish and Chemistry, while also on the Pre-Medical track! I am from Astoria, OR, a small tourist town in the northwest corner of Oregon, known for it’s rainy weather. I have worked as a zip line tour guide back home, at High Life Adventures, for the past three years, and continue to love every moment of it. I love my hometown community so much that I volunteer at the local hospital and continue to work at High Life Adventures, to this day!!

I never went on an official tour of OSU but fell in love with the campus and what it had to offer when I first came for a visit. I love my hometown and OSU was the closest thing to home while also being far enough away. The Honors College played a big part in my decision making process as it had many opportunities for students to get the most out of their education while setting themselves up well for their future. At first I was a little intimidated about the required thesis, but now I am so grateful for that requirement because it helped me become a research assistant in the Interpersonal Sensitivity Lab in the Psychology department. I am excited to finish my thesis titled “Attitudes Towards Toys and Play”. Along with being a research assistant and Honors College Ambassador, I work as a cartoonist for the Orange Media Network, and was recently hired to be a Zumba instructor at Dixon Recreation Center! My cartoons are featured in OSU’s newspaper, The Daily Barometer. I am also a member of the Pre-Medical Society, play IM soccer every spring, and volunteer at Community Outreach, a local medical clinic. I enjoy everything I am involved in at OSU and am happy that I chose OSU for my undergraduate degree.

I was first introduced to the Honors community while living in West Hall during my freshman year. Choosing West Hall was one of the best decisions I have made in my time at OSU. I have lived with my friends from West Hall for the past three years. I love partaking in Honors events such as the Fall Welcome Dinner, Midnight Breakfast, HC Gala, and many more events the Honors college has to offer. My best friends were made through the Honors College and I will always be grateful for that. I am happy I chose OSU because I met my best friends and have built lasting relationships with faculty in many departments!

After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan on applying to medical school in hopes of becoming a Pediatrician. The Honors College is helping me achieve this dream by encouraging undergraduate research, and helping me make connections that will benefit my career path.

When I am not focusing on school, I am at the gym, doing Zumba, playing soccer, or in my research lab! I know college can be intimidating but it is the greatest time of your life. If you have any questions about research, the College of Liberal Arts, Pre-Med, the Honors College, or any other activities, feel free to contact me! I will gladly answer any questions you have. Go beavs!