Portland, OR
Biological Data Science
User Experience Research

English, Telugu

Hello! My name is Vini (she/they) and I am a second-year majoring in biological data dciences with an option in genomics. My major is a relatively new program at Oregon State, so there aren’t a lot of people in it. During my first year, I didn’t know a single other person in this major, which would have been pretty isolating if I didn’t have the Honors College community. I really appreciate the extra layer of community and support that the Honors College provides.

One of the main reasons I chose Oregon State and the Honors College was for the opportunity to do a thesis. I am currently just getting started on my thesis, for which I will be designing and evaluating an app that has the aim of improving health literacy in cancer patients. This thesis is allowing me to combine multiple of my interests and I’m excited to see what the outcome will be.

Other than being an ambassador, I am one of the media assistants (graphic designer) for the Honors College. Outside of the Honors College, I am also a graphic designer at the Linus Pauling Institute and am a part of Morgun/Shulzhenko Labs in the College of Veterinary Medicine, where we do computational biology research. Currently we are studying the genomic features of probiotics and their impact on metabolic disease. Research has really helped me apply and expand the skills I learn in my classes — it’s something I recommend everyone try out at some point. Beyond OSU, I am a part of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and I love to crochet.

Having worked at the Honors College ever since I started at Oregon State, I can attest to the fact that it is run by a lovely group of people who genuinely care about your success and wellbeing. I’ve really enjoyed the Honors College experience thus far and would be happy to answer any questions about it. Feel free to reach out if you need advice on pursuing your interests or have any other questions!