Vivian Le
Phoenix, OR
Accounting & Business Information Systems


Hi! My name is Vivian Le. I come from a little city in southern Oregon called Phoenix. With a population of around 4,000 people, I grew up in a very close knit environment around all kinds of people. I enjoy rock climbing, playing / writing music, and reading lots of books. Although I was undeclared at first, I found a passion for economics and for learning how businesses fit into our current economy and society. I’m currently going for a double-degree and I hope to someday work for the state government.

At first I was wary of Oregon State University because it seemed like such a big place compared to the city I grew up in. When I saw OSU for the first time, I remember how small and insignificant I felt compared to the size of the campus. While attending Oregon State as a first-year I noticed that there was always a flurry of activities from the thousands of students who attend this university. It intimidated me at first but I have come to really appreciate the sheer amount of resources on this campus. As time went on, I grew to love this campus and I cannot imagine myself on any other campus.

Being in the Honors College has really helped me since I came from such a small town. Within the Honors College there is such a tight-knit community of students who share the same love for learning as I do. The classes within the Honors College are the most thought-provoking I’ve experienced and have taught me a lot about how complex the world is.

If you have any questions, I am here to help! I hope my experiences here can provide some insight for you!