Portrait of Yael Raich
Brianna Beechler
Corvallis, OR
Animal Science, Pre-Vet Option

When you ask someone to describe me, there's three things they'll tell you: I love Starbucks, fashion, and most importantly cats. I don't even remember a time where I didn't want to be a veterinarian. As a little kid, I loved to play veterinarian with my cat stuffed animals, and my love for the veterinary world has only grown stronger since. I have two adorable cats ( Pitzy and Chester) that help to nurture my passion. Pitzy is a Siamese and Chester is an orange mainecoon, who are surprisingly siblings! They influenced my career aspirations to one day have my own small animal clinic, although recently I've been learning more about large animals and have changed that dream to wanting to own a small AND large animal clinic!

Outside of the veterinary world, I love to dance, experiment with fashion, play videogames, and tumble.

I am beyond excited to be a beaver and am so thankful for the adventures I will experience with PVS!