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portrait of Toni Doolen

Toni Doolen


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Portait of Tara Williams

Susan Rodgers

Interim Associate Dean

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portrait of Ben Mason

Ben Mason

Assistant Dean

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portrait of LeAnn Joy Adam

LeAnn Joy Adam

OSU Advisor for Prestigious Scholarships (university-wide position)

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portrait of Gildha Cumming

Gildha Cumming

Director, Admissions & Communications

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portrait of LeeAnn Baker

LeeAnn Baker

Director, Student Success and Engagement

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portrait of Judy David

Judy David

Administrative Office Coordinator

- Can be contacted for calendar items for Deans and Directors

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Phone: 541-737-6400

portrait of Bailey Garvin

Bailey Garvin

HC Advising Office Coordinator

- Can be contacted for calendar items for Advisors

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Phone: 541-737-6400

portrait of Eric Hill

Eric Hill

Senior Instructor, Writing

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portrait of Rebekah Lancelin

Rebekah Lancelin

Academic Advisor


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portrait of Beau Baca

Beau Baca

Academic Advisor

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portrait of Kassena Hillman

Kassena Hillman

Academic Advisor

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portrait of Leanna Dillon

Leanna Dillon

Academic Advisor

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portrait of Kevin Stoller

Kevin Stoller

Director, External Relations & Operations


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portrait of Brittany Sunberg

Brittany Sundberg

Admissions, Curriculum, and Student Data Coordinator

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Graduate Teaching Assistants



Name & Position Contact

Rachel Navratil

Honors College Graduate Teaching Assistant - Sackett Hall

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portrait of Nathan Petitti

Nathan Petitti

Honors College Graduate Teaching Assistant - West Hall

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portrait of Jenn Kaun

Jenn Kuan

Prestigious Scholarships Assistant

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 Student Employees


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Student Media Assistants

Christopher McCracken

Hamza Molvi

Ammara Molvi

Cara Nixon

Cassidy Parker

Lucas Yao


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Student Photogtaphers

Kelly Andrus

Amira Smith


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Student Videographers

Natalie Harris

Gabe Reitzes

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Student Website Editor

Thuy-Vy Nguyen


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Honors College Student Ambassadors


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