Oregon State University Honors College Leadership & Staff



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portrait of Toni Doolen

Toni Doolen


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Susan Rodgers

 Associate Dean

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LeAnn Joy Adam

Director, National and Global Scholarships Advising (university-wide position)

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portrait of Beau Baca

Beau Baca

Academic Advisor

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Pat Ball

Program Coordinator and Senior Instructor I, Biology - OSU Cascades

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Laura Blackwell

Assistant to the Deans and Directors

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portrait of Gildha Cumming

Gildha Cumming

Assistant Dean of Admissions, First-Year Engagement & Communications

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Leanna Dillon

Honors College Ecampus Coordinator

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portrait of Bailey Garvin

Bailey Garvin

Student Engagement Coordinator and Data Analyst

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Kara Goldman

Academic Advisor

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Kassena Hillman

Head Academic Advisor

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Kallie Hagel

Communications Coordinator

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portrait of Rebekah Lancelin

Rebekah Lancelin

Academic Advisor


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Becca Otto

Coordinator, National and Global Scholarships  (university-wide position)

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Kellie Parker

Director of Development, Honors College - OSU Foundation

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Dewi Roberts

Academic Advising Coordinator

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Julie D. Tucker

Professor, School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Academic Director, Design for Social Impact

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portrait of Kevin Stoller

Kevin Stoller

Assistant Dean of External Relations and Student Engagement


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portrait of Brittany Sunberg

Brittany Sundberg

Admissions, Curriculum, and Student Data Coordinator

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Chet Udell

 Design for Social Impact, Multidisciplinary Programs Administrator

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Meredith Arend

Cascades Honors College Engagement Coordinator & Advisor


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Student Employees


Name & Position Contact
Student Media Assistants

Vini Karumuru - Graphic Design

Grace Knutsen - Instagram Editor

Alex Gauthier - Instagram Editor

Frankie Ruppert - Instagram Editor

Kaitlyn Scanlon -  Instagram Editor


Student Writers

Shion Britten - Monday Message Editor

Ava Wittman - Student Writer

Ana Tracy - Student Writer

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