The Honors College is committed to making sure that all students, regardless of background and financial needs, can access the full spectrum of the honors experience at Oregon State University. Scholarships are essential to that, whether they allow students to pay the HC differential tuition (which funds honors courses and programs) or support a student's engagement with unique, transformative experiential learning opportunities. Nearly 35% of the 1,000 current HC students have significant financial need that can result in opportunities bypassed or even withdrawal from the HC.

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In 2015, the 20th anniversary of the Honors College, the HC's Alumni Leadership Circle led an unprecedented alumni-directed giving campaign that raised over $5,000 for student scholarships. They also set up the Alumni Scholarship Challenge, which pitted four groups of HC alumni classes - 1997-2001, 2002-2005, 2006-2009, and 2010-2015 - against one another to see who could have the highest percentage of class members involved in giving to honors. In that first year, the classes of 1997-2001 won the first Alumni Scholarship Challenge Class Leadership Award, with 6.5% of members contributing. Their support has been commemorated on a plaque in the SLUG, and we're now looking toward the 2016 alumni challenge. Beginning in May, 2016, look here for updates on class percentage engagement and total gifts received from Honors College alumni for student scholarships.

We recognize that Honors College alumni are a young group, and our goal is to maximize the impact of small donations by combining them to support a handful of scholarships each year. Gifts and pledges of any size count toward your class group participation total and will be used to support student scholarships. Plus, gifts in your honor - from family, friends, or your company - count toward your class as well! To make things simple, you can give online and choose to designate your gifts to either the HC Scholarship Fund, which supports differential tuition scholarships, or the HC Student Experience Fund, which supports scholarships that provide funds for experiential learning. Gifts to either fund - or any other HC fund - count toward the challenge. If you'd like to get involved, but don't want to contribute online, check out this page or let us know at

The strength of the HC has always been in its supportive community, and we are excited to draw on the experience, passion, and committment or our alums to enrich the Honors College of today and the future. Thank you, and check back here or on the HC Alumni Facebook page for updates!