Taught by Professor Katherine Hubler

In addition to examining the events and legacy of the Holocaust, HC 407 explores how people in the 21st century learn about and commemorate the Holocaust.  We are living in a world where people, especially younger generations, are increasingly bypassing traditional repositories of knowledge and are instead turning to the digital—to the internet to search engines, blogs, and social media—in order to make sense of the problems that have shaped and continue to affect our world. 

How does this fact—that so much knowledge about the Holocaust is frequently disseminated by and mediated through the digital—impact our understanding of the event and its meaning for the present day?  What possibilities does the digital—particularly the internet and the digitization of historical sources— offer us for deepening our understanding of the Holocaust? 

Students in HC 407 engage with these questions and, at the conclusion of the course, create a digital history project directed toward a public audience that serves to commemorate and or educate about the Holocaust. 

This page features some of the important contributions of HC 407 students to Holocaust and genocide education.


Student Projects