Honors College Parent and Family Leadership Circle

The Honors College Parent and Family Leadership Circle (PLC) is at the forefront of the HC's efforts to engage student families and create an accessible and equitable college community. Members of the PLC meet quarterly with Honors College and Oregon State leadership to learn more about the university, network with other honors family members and provide feedback about the family experience. The PLC also plays a vital role in ensuring that all qualified students, regardless of financial means, can fully participate in the HC experience by making a $2,500 gift in support of need-based differential tuition scholarship.

To learn more about becoming a PLC member, contact Kellie Parker with the OSU Foundation at kellie.parker@osufoundation.org or (541) 737-4691. Past initiatives inspired by the PLC include our quarterly family newsletters and our summer send-off events in the Bay Area, Salem and Portland. This year, the HC Parent and Family Leadership Circle will meet on:

  • November 8 - Insight into OSU diversity, equity and access initiatives with OSU Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Charlene Alexander
  • January 24 - Insight into prestigious scholarships and global opportunities with OSU Coordinator for Prestigious Scholarships LeAnn Adam and OSU Director of the Office of Global Opportunities Caine Francis
  • May 1 - Insight into HC thesis support and mentorship with HC Assistant Dean Ben Mason and honors faculty

All meetings are over lunch and take place from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Inspire the next generation of leaders. Gifts in support of Honors College need-based differential tuition scholarships can be made at OSU Foundation at any time.