The Honors College Spring 2023 Virtual Undergraduate Research Showcase on Wednesday, May 17th at 5:00 p.m. PT via Zoom.  View the virtual lightning talks here. The In-Person Honors College Spring 2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase was on Friday May 19th at 10am in LINC 228. At these events, current Honors College students presented their research in a series of lightning talks and answered questions. See below for presentation titles and slides. On Friday May 19th from 1-3pm we had 45 students present their posters to the public on the 3rd floor of the LINC. We also have the asynchronous virtual showcase of posters and presentations through Symposium (you will need to register to view). 

Presenters and Slides

Virtual Undergraduate Research Showcase on Wednesday May 17th 5- 6:30 pm via Zoom

Kristen Bird

Major:  Animal Sciences

Validating thyroid hormone testing using chemiluminescence in llamas and alpacas


Jessica Fujinaga

Major: Kinesiology 

The Power of Perception: Insight on the Effect of Cultural Competency Training in Addressing Health Equity for All Abilities 


Mollie Greenblum

Major: Psychology

The Impact of ADHD on Quality of Life and Peer Relations in College Students


Carolyn Pearce

Major:  Biology

The effect of feeding spent hemp biomass on bone growth in broiler chickens.


Venkata Sai Sagili

Major:  Biology

Glycemic Index and Potatoes 


Emma McAbery

Major:  Biology

The Effects of Marine Biodiversity Loss on Coastal Economics


Caleb Anderson

Major:  Philosophy

Peace Literacy Skills for Better Dialogue in Science


Ryan Unitan

Major(s):  Mathematics and Mathematical Economics

Where and Why there is Democracy


Stuart Allen

Major:  Computer Science

Open, Online, Interactive Visualizations For Learning About Gaussian Mixture Models


Rylee Marks

Major:  Chemical Engineering 

Electronic structure-selectivity trends for electrocatalytic nitrate reduction to ammonium on 3d transition metals 


Carson Flores

Major:  Creative Writing 

Flesh & Blood

In-person Undergraduate Research Showcase on Friday May 19th 10- 11:30am in LINC 228 

Anna Brandt

Major:  English

Intertextuality in The Bondwoman's Narrative: Structural and Individual Perspectives of Freedom


Svea Bruslind

Major:  Zoology

Bees Eye View: Using Multispectral Photography to Simulate Bees’ View of Flowers in Natural Settings


Chloe Lee

Major:  Bioresourse Research: Biotechnology

 Automated Methods for Ultrasound Image Analysis of Nonhuman Primate Ovaries


David Brown

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Life Cycle Analysis Comparison Between a Mass Timber and Reinforced Concrete Three-Story Structure


Ellie Boryer

Major:  Botany

Making the Microbial World Large: Assessing Best Microbiological Engagement and Teaching Methods for High School Students


Emma Coughlin

Major:  Animal Science

Mythical Anatomy of Dragons


Sarah Gibson

Major:  Biology

Relationship between parasite load and diet quality in two desert bighorn sheep metapopulations in southern California


Deja Preusser

Major:  Chemical Engineering

The Influences of Remote Learning on Assessments and Student Engagement


Thesis Research Poster Fair on Friday May 19th anytime between 1 - 3pm on 3rd floor of LINC (near 343-360) 


Edwin Lopez

Major: Animal Science (pre-vet)

Koi Herpes Virus Detection in Post-Mortem Koi


Sophia Taylor

Major: Sociology

Menstrual Dignity and Stigma: How College Students Perceive Period Poverty


Svea Bruslind

Major: Zoology

Bees Eye View: Using Multi spectral Photography to Simulate Bees’ View of Flowers in Natural Settings


Chloe Lee

Major: Bioresource Research: Biotechnology

Automated Methods for Ultrasound Image Analysis of Nonhuman Primate Ovaries


Amber Co

Major: Microbiology

Differences in Expression of COVID-19 Related Inflammatory Cytokine Genes in Non-Human Primates with Varying Alcohol Consumption


Lucas Yao

Major(s): Biohealth Sciences; Creative Writing

Under the Skin: A Collection of Short Stories


Sydney Pruitt

Major: Psychology

The Impact of Assigned Reading on Reading for Pleasure Throughout Life


Abigail Marx

Major: Ecological Engineering

Development of a Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Model to Evaluate Sediment Deposition After the Klamath Dam Removal


Collen Swafford Steffensen

Major: Ecological Engineering

Evaluation of Water Stress Estimates of Remote Sensing Products by NASA Satellite ECOSTRESS on Southern Oregon Vineyards 


Anda Gherghe

Major: Microbiology

Recent Stressful Experiences and Electronic Nicotine Product Use Among Young Adults


Matthew Raffel

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Leveraging Transformer Encoder Output for Effective Token Summary in Simultaneous Translation


Madeline Gibbs

Major: Anthropology

"Only a little longer, right?": Oral Histories of the Oregon State University Wind Ensemble during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Samuel Attridge

Major: BioHealth Sciences

Designing Surveys to Investigate the Impact of Wildfire Smoke on Human Health


Jessica Ewton

Major: Biochemistry & Biophysics

GnRH Morphology Changes Due To Kisspeptin Exosome Exposure



Basie Seibert

Major(s): Physics, Mathematics

Investigating Polymer Quantum Mechanics: Mathematical Formulation, the Particle on a Ring, and Time Evolution


Maxwell Siebersma

Major(s): Physics, Mathematics

The Particle on a Ring in Polymer Quantum Mechanics: A Quantum Cosmology Analogue on a Compact Space


Brooke Aduviri

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Material Science in Menstrual Health and Hygiene


Madison Collins

Major: Mathematics (option Mathematical Biology)

Analysis of Calculus Curriculum Implementation


Noah Radcliffe

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Turning Brake Cylinder Housing


Jensen Davis

Major: Mechanical Engineering

The COVID-19 Pandemic's Effect on Outdoor Recreation


Logan Holler

Major: Physics

Tabletop Fusion Reactors: Construction and Testing of Demonstration Fusor


Paula Coto

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Systemic Barriers of Latinas in Engineering


Evelyn Wood

Major: Apparel Design

The Effect of Historicism on Color Forecasting & Silhouette in Apparel Design


Ian Hofbeck

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Dielectric Properties of Co-Doped BaTiO3 Relaxors for Capacitor Applications


Eli Smart

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Effects of Xanthohumol on Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production and Intestinal Microbiota in Humans


Griffin Brandstetter

Major: Mathematics

Characterization of Binary Trees


Chloe Bohnstedt

Major: Psychology

What's Really Important in Introductory Psychology?


Sierra Loiselle

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Sexualization of women in modern film trailers


Kayla Bird

Major: Psychology

Does your attachment style influence how often you exercise?


Melanie Meador

Major: Animal Sciences

Feeding Spent Hemp Biomass Does Not Adversely Affect Ram Fertility


Jannah Moussaoui

Major: Psychology

Predictors of Poor Self-regulation skills in preschoolers with Speech/Language Delays


Nicole Miller

Major: Biology (Option: Ecology)

Assessing the Consistency of Stream Ecosystem Characteristics in Accounting for Variation in Trout Abundance Between Summers With Low versus High Flow Conditions


Allison Thompson

Major: Computer Science

Interactive Visualization of Douglas Fir Forest Growth Using 3-PG


Amelia Noall

Major: Microbiology

Perceptions of Climate Change in Herbalism and Harvesting


Delaney Hammer

Major: BioHealth Sciences

The Effect of Physical Activity and the COVID-19 Pandemic on Self-regulation


Joshua Hancock

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Driver Cockpit and Safety for a Redesigned Formula SAE Car


Karlie Bunting

Major: Apparel Design

The History of Royal Wedding Dresses


James Ho

Major: Chemical Engineering

Reticular Synthesis of Homochiral Metal-organic frameworks for Enhanced Enantioselective Separation of Racemic Drugs


Dominic Verna-Ketel

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Electric Propellant Pumps for a Suborbital Bipropellant Rockets


Kinsey Popham

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Design Cycle Models and Knowledge Management Systems


Luke Cornwell-Arquitt

Major: Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering

Improved Hydrogels for particle image velocimetry in turbulent porous flow


Sukhjot Sal

Major: English

An investigation into OSU's treatment of Bernard Malamud and the writing department


Sierna Prog

Major: BioHealth Sciences

Exploring the Community Needs of Groups that are Underserved by Oregon State University's Counseling & Pyschological Services


Sage Taylor

Major: Food Science and Technology

Consumer perception and acceptance toward edible packing for various food item


Carrington Fastelin

Major: Public Health

Children's Book About Transracial Adoption, Identity and Belonging