Faculty Primary Campus: 
Cascades Campus
College of Health
Physical Therapy
# of Students: 
1, additional opportunities negotiable
Faculty Email: 
Position Description: 
Opportunities are ongoing, but please reach out by mid-Fall 2023 if the project needs to be completed by Spring 2024.
Project Description: 
I am available to mentor an Honors College student that is interested in getting involved in biomechanics research in the FORCE Laboratory at OSU-Cascades. I have two ongoing projects that investigate the effect of maximal running shoe design on running biomechanics, as well as the effect of a trail running surface and shoes on running biomechanics. Students may also have the opportunity to assist with a project on cutting biomechanics after ACL reconstruction and walking biomechanics in older adults with knee osteoarthritis, which should be wrapping up in the next few months. Due to the in-person nature of our research, this opportunity is only available to OSU-Cascades students. Any major is welcome, but Kinesiology, Engineering or Outdoor Product students may be the best fit.. More details about our laboratory can be found on the FORCE Lab website: https://osucascades.edu/force-lab
Remote Student: 
Cascades Campus Only
This offer is open ended.