The Honors College recognizes that this may be a particularly challenging time for Honors College students and their families. We encourage students who are experiencing difficulty paying the costs associated with Honors College enrollment to apply for a one-term Honors College Differential Tuition and Emergency Grant. Determinations will be made on a rolling basis and will consider need, the likelihood of earning the Honors Baccalaureate and answers to the application questions. Inability to pay Honors College differential tuition or other costs this term should not be the primary barrier to any student's successful graduation from the college or continuation as an honors student. Approved grants may be for the full HC differential tuition (currently $520) or a portion of it and are for one-term only. Grants will not be renewed for additional terms, but students can reapply. Typically, students can only receive two Differential Tuition and Emergency Grants during their time in the Honors College.

Only students currently enrolled in the Honors College are eligible for a Differential Tuition and Emergency Grant. Applications must be for the current or immediately following term. Applications received in advance of week five of the term before the requested funding will not be reviewed until that time (e.g., week five of summer term for fall term applications).

Grants are awarded directly to recipients' OSU student accounts. Receipt of grant funds may be made conditional upon completion of HC requirements or follow-up meetings regarding other university resources. Receipt of a second grant will require meeting with an advisor from the OSU Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE). If you have any questions, please contact the HC at [email protected] or schedule an appointment with an HC academic advisor. Students who are struggling with the costs associated with attendance at Oregon State University are encouraged to review the resources available through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, CAFE and the Basic Needs Center.

This differential tuition funds Honors College coursework and student programming. We attempt to keep the differential tuition as low as possible while still maintaining a diversity of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for all students.

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