Students enrolled in the Honors College pay additional tuition during fall, winter, and spring terms. This differential tuition funds Honors coursework and student programming. Although we attempt to keep the differential tuition as low as possible while still maintaining a diversity of curricular and co-curricular opportunities, we also recognize that this additional cost can present a significant impediment to continued enrollment in the HC for some students. It is our commitment that the differential tuition not be the primary barrier to any student's successful completion of the Honors College program. HC students who are unexpectedly unable to pay the differential tuition, or can only do so by making sacrifices that strongly and negatively impact academic success, are eligible to apply for a differential tuition grant from the HC by completing the application form below. Grants are in the amount of the HC differential tuition and are for one-term only (currently $500). Grants are not renewed for additional terms; students are eligible to reapply. However, typically, students can only receive one differential tuition grant during their time in the Honors College. Award determinations will be made by the HC dean and will be based on both an evaluation of need and likelihood of earning the Honors Baccalaureate. Receipt of grant funds may be made conditional upon completion of HC requirements or follow-up meetings regarding other university resources. If you have any questions, please contact the HC at or schedule an appointment with an HC advisor. Students who are struggling with the costs associated with attendance at Oregon State University are encouraged to review the resources available through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and the Human Services Resource Center.

The Honors College also offers one-year Differential Tuition Scholarships.

Please describe the impact an HC differential tuition scholarship will have on your education this term.
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