Students who are unable to comply with any element of the Honors College Retention and Satisfactory Progress Policy within the timeline permitted may be eligible to apply for an extension. Extensions are for one term; students may apply in two consecutive terms, but approval for the first term does not guarantee approval for the second term. Extensions are typically restricted to students who have experienced or are experiencing unforeseen changes in their circumstances. Students should consult with an Honors College advisor before applying for an extension. Approval is dependent upon an assessment that it is possible and probable that the applicant will achieve compliance within the extension period. Students may apply for an extension twice during their tenure in the Honors College.


Students are strongly encouraged to submit a request as soon as possible; the deadline to submit an application for extension is Tuesday of week 1 of the term of scheduled removal from the HC, and students will be notified of decisions via their ONID email account by Friday of week 1 of that term.


Please explain the unforeseen events or circumstances that resulted or will result in your removal from the Honors College.
Please use this space to let the committee know the steps you plan to take (academic plan) that will help you return to good standing at the end of the extension period.
Please feel free to use this space to tell the committee any additional information you would like them to be aware of as part of your application.
*Summer term and Fall term will count as one extension term.