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Industrial Engineering

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My name is Esther Vega and am currently a fourth year student in Industrial Engineering. I applied to the Honors College on a whim,and I am happy I did. I got to defend my thesis on the research that I love, I get to take honors courses with small class sizes and get to feel like I am part of something bigger than me.

Something that I like about the Honors College is that I meet people from different backgrounds and majors yet there was something we all have in common: the drive to Be More.After my undergraduate I plan on going to grad school or getting my MBA. I wouldn’t have thought of an MBA if it were not for the financial backing of the Honors College. I applied to a Harvard program designed for students that were unsure of what they wanted to do for grad school. This program was focused on Harvard Business School and their MBA programs. I got accepted, however, financially I was looking at not going. Thanks to the Honors Experience Scholarship, I was able to go, meet students from all over the world, rebuttal case studies, sit in lectures, and come to the realization that I want to pursue an MBA. When I am not in class I am either drinking coffee, running, on the tennis courts, at club meetings or analyzing data for research.

I know college can be a huge transition but you are not alone. As an ambassador for the Honors College and the College of Engineering, I am here to help you! If you have questions about the Honors College, the College of Engineering, clubs, or anything in between, feel free to contact me! Go Beavs!


Nombre: Esther Vega
Especialidad (es): Ingeniería Industrial


Me llamo Esther Vega y estoy en mi cuarto año como estudiante de ingeniería industrial. Yo estoy muy feliz que aplique al Honors College. Presente y defendí mi tesis en el área que me apasiona, tomo clases de honores en grupo pequeño, y siento que soy parte de algo mayor de mí.

Después de obtener mi licenciatura, tengo planeado estudiar mi maestría en administración. No habría sido posible para mí el pensar en mi maestrilla en administración si no fuera por el apoyo financiero del Honors College. Aplique a un programa de Harvard para estudiantes indecisos para elegir maestrilla. Dicho programa se concentra en maestría y administración de negocios. Fui aceptada, sin embargo, económicamente estaba fuera de mis posibilidades. Gracias al Honors Experience Scholarship, pude conocer estudiantes de todo el mundo, analice casos verídicos, asistí a presentaciones, y llegue a la conclusión de que quiero estudiar mi maestría.

Cuando no estoy en clases corro, tomo café, juego tenis, voy a clubes estudiantiles o analizo información investigativa. Se que la universidad es una transición significativa, pero no están solos. Como embajadora del Honors College y College of Engineering, estoy aquí para ayudar.