The strength of the Honors College is its community. Volunteers from every honors constituency serve as essential members of the college’s leadership structure, offering counsel on strategic priorities and supporting new initiatives and program implementation. To learn more about participating in one of the groups below, contact Honors College Assistant Dean of External Relations and Student Engagement Kevin Stoller.

Honors College Alumni Leadership Circle

The HC Alumni Leadership Circle meets over remotely in fall and spring terms to learn more about the Honors College’s strategic development and the current student experience. Members also assist in the development of new opportunities that provide ongoing benefit for alumni and connect them with current students.

Honors College Board of Regents

the Boardf of Regents is the Honors College’s leadership strategic and development advisory group. It is comprised of dedicated and committed supporters of honors, who work closely with Honors College leadership to promote the long-term success and sustainability of the college and its programs. The Board of Regents has in-person meetings in fall and spring, a remote strategic discussion during the winter and individual meetings with college leadership through the summer.

Honors College Council

The Honors College Council is a standing committee of the Oregon State University Faculty Senate comprised of honors faculty and current students with jurisdiction over the college’s policies, procedures and programmatic requirements.

Honors College Parent and Family Leadership Circle

The Parent and Family Leadership Circle is comprised of the parents and families of current honors students and leads in guiding and implementing family engagement programming and the creation of an equitable and accessible student community. This group meets on Corvallis campus during fall and spring family weekends and remotely during winter term.

Honors College Student Leadership Circle

Current Honors College students who participate in the Student Leadership Circle volunteer to assist and advise staff on the development, review and implementation of both new and ongoing programs and initiatives. Projects rotate regularly, and Student Leadership Circle members represent the student perspective on a broad set of strategic priorities. Meeting schedules and commitments vary based on current work.