At the Oregon State University Honors College, outstanding students from each of the university’s academic undergraduate colleges at all Oregon State campuses participate in enhanced curricular and co-curricular opportunities designed to help them explore their major areas of interest, work collaboratively across differences and evolve into creative problem solvers with world-class abilities and global perspectives. The Honors College experience equips students with both the ability to engage in pursuits that produce new knowledge and the capacity to engage in meaningful dialogue with other disciplines.

The mission of the Honors College is to:

• Serve undergraduate students in the state of Oregon and beyond by supporting the achievement of their personal, academic and professional goals;

• Provide a transformative educational experience through an innovative curriculum featuring individualized and engaging learning opportunities with talented and dedicated faculty, staff and peers;

• Create a multifaceted honors experience that includes a compelling residential experience; diverse community opportunities and support; and comprehensive co-curricular programming offering leadership, service and global learning opportunities;

• Provide meaningful undergraduate research, scholarship and creative work experiences that leverage Oregon State University’s three signature areas of distinction – advancing the science of sustainable earth ecosystems, improving human health and wellness and promoting economic growth and social progress;

• Produce graduates who have a positive impact on society, their communities and their fields, and

• Advance Oregon State University’s strategic priorities and goals.

Our Values

Inclusive excellence is our foundation

We believe that innovation and accomplishment emerge from an environment that values, hears and respects diverse voices and perspectives. Higher education should address, confront and oppose systemic inequities and biases. We are an inclusive community open to diverse perspectives, backgrounds and abilities. The Honors College will create educational opportunities that lead students to examine, understand and challenge systems of oppression, inequality and racism.

We work and grow together

We strive to form an Honors College community that supports every individual in the authentic expression of their identity and in the pursuit of their personal, academic and professional goals. We believe that individual and collective achievement go hand-in-hand. Team success emerges from a culture of individual respect, initiative and development.

Making a difference takes work

Success is not accidental – it requires flexible thinking, accurate assessments of what works and what doesn’t and a desire to relentlessly and continuously improve As a team, we are committed to thoughtful assessments of what needs to be kept, abandoned and improved.

Experience that transcends boundaries

Solving today’s problems and creating tomorrow’s innovative breakthroughs requires thinking that combines deep expertise, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural experience and an openness to collaboration and new ideas. We work as a team to realize our common vision of an extraordinary Honors College experience. Innovation and the limits of the possible will never be constrained by hierarchies, positional and organizational boundaries or conventional thinking.

This journey takes you further

The honors degree is the culmination of a highly-engaged experience that adds value and meaning to an undergraduate education. The honors experience provides skills and perspective that will serve students in their next steps and beyond. As a team, we uphold standards that challenge and support our students as they engage with community, curricula and research. Maintaining the integrity of the degree ensures students have the meaningful experience that gives the Honors Baccalaureate value.