Your HC community is full of students who are problem solvers and welcome a challenge. Your goal: to make your world a better place, and take innovative approaches to get there. The HC atmosphere is supportive, and the classes emphasize thinking for yourself and discussions instead of lectures. HC professors welcome mentoring relationships and value drawing knowledge out of their students, instead of simply telling them the answers. Your HC experience is designed to give you the confidence to be who you are, and to decide where you want to go from there.

From courses to graduation, here's everything you might need, all in one place. 

Honors College Courses

Check out the Spotlight on Courses for some of the new and unique classes coming up next term! To see all the courses offered for the year, see the Schedule of Classes

Academic Advising

In the Honors College, two advisors are here to support you in meeting your academic, career, and personal goals. Your major and Honors advisor are here to guide you through your undergraduate career successfully.

TheSIS Guide

The HC provides you with a useful road map to guide you through each phase as you complete your thesis. Using Thesis Success in Stages (TheSIS) and the Thesis FAQs as your guide, you'll break the process down into smaller pieces with clear benchmarks to make your thesis journey much more manageable.


As an Honors College student, you have access to unique experiential and tuition scholarships. All admitted HC students are considered for HC differential tuition scholarships, and can apply for experiential learning awards and scholarships that can provide funding for experiences that take learning out of the classroom and into real life.


The Honors College is proud to organize annual events and trips as unconventional as our students that develop camaraderie and promote HC pride. If you're feeling adventurous, there is no shortage of opportunities to get outside and connect with other students. 

Graduation Central

Congratulations!  You are almost officially an Honors Graduate. Since this is a busy and stressful time for you we have generated a checklist to help make things a little smoother. 

HC Study Abroad and Service Learning Abroad Options

Learn more about the options you have to study abroad with the HC!

Get Involved

Looking for ways to get involved? Check out the Student Involvement page for information on the Honors College Student Association, clubs, volunteer opportunities, and other activities! The Monday Message also lists many current and upcoming events and opportunities. Did you miss this week's? Check out the list of all Monday Messages. Looking to connect with another student? Search the HC Student Directory.

Internship & Career Connections

Check the Internship & Career Connections page for upcoming workshops and info sessions, tips for looking for internships and careers, requesting job shadows, and using search engines to get a head start on your job search.


Study Spaces & Facilities

As an Honors College student, you have access to amenities like private study rooms, free printing, student lounges and priority placement in the honors residence halls on the Corvallis and Cascades campuses.