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Corvallis Campus
College of Engineering
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Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Feng for arranging a time for discussion the research/thesis opportunities.
Project Description: 
Dr. Feng's research is focused on clean energy, particularly electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices such as battery, fuel cells and electrolyzes. Feng group is working on the electrode materials modification and design to increase the performance (e.g., energy density, cycling life, charging time) of various energy storage systems including lithium-ion batteries and aqueous metal-ion batteries. Feng group is also developing highly efficient catalyst materials that can improve the efficiency of many electrochemical reactions for hydrogen generation, carbon dioxide reduction, and oxygen reduction, which are key reactions in fuel cells and water electrolyzes. In addition, Feng group are working with several companies for sustainable development. A highlight is a long-term collaboration with Oregon-based OnTo Technology for battery electrode recycling. You can find more on the group webpage: https://research.engr.oregonstate.edu/feng/
Corvallis Campus Only
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