Faculty Primary Campus: 
Corvallis Campus
College of Business
# of Students: 
Flexible, dependent on student level of engagement
Faculty Email: 
Position Description: 
Opportunities are dependent on mutual interest and the current state of my ongoing research; I am flexible depending on how much involvement students would like to have.
Project Description: 
I study why people think, feel, and act the ways that they do, and how we can better manage ourselves, our relationships, and others to do and be the best we can. I focus on both practical applications (examined mainly through lab experiments) and theoretical development. Emotions, Attitudes, and Perceptions: • How do emotions influence thinking & behaviors? • What does it mean to be authentic? Negotiation, Influence, and Persuasion • How do we coordinate with others? Cognition, Judgments, and Decision making • How do we think about & make decisions? • How does ambivalence help (& hurt) decisions? Voice and Speaking Up at Work • How does speaking up about ideas—sometimes without thinking much—influence outcomes for us
Remote Student: 
Possibly. This may be possible depending on the student and the work. We can discuss options after we connect.
May be open to students on a different OSU campus, we can discuss options after we connect.
This offer is open ended.