The Honors College (HC) encourages curiosity and rewards creativity, offering a small college environment with the resources and opportunities of Oregon’s leading public research university. Small, interactive classes, typically limited to 12 or 20 students, are taught by the university’s top professors. Your experience will also go beyond the classroom, with opportunities to engage in hands-on learning, research and a senior thesis project in the topic of your choice. The HC is one of only a handful of degree-granting honors colleges in the United States, you’ll graduate with the Honors Baccalaureate, Oregon State’s most prestigious undergraduate degree.


experiential learning

Students in the Honors College have access to a world of experiences such as study abroad, research, internships, and service learning.



The Honors College creates an entirely new curriculum each academic year featuring some of OSU’s most inspiring teachers.



The Honors College Thesis is not only a major portion of the HC curriculum, but an incredibly rewarding learning tool for students.