The 2024 Honors College Thesis Fair will be held May 15 & 17. There will be virtual and in-person opportunities to explore the diversity of Honors College research, beginning with research posters and audio presentations that are available here for online viewing. On Wednesday, May 15 and Friday, May 17, a small group of Honors College students will give lightning talks about their research. Both can be viewed on Zoom*. Friday lightening talks will be in person in LINC 368. Also Friday from 1-3pm a selection of students will be present with their thesis posters in the third floor hallways of the Learning Innovation Center. Join us to see the variety of research honors students are engaged in. 

*Password: 153374

Meeting ID: 913 8904 2769

View Posters and Presentations

See below for the full schedule of presenters.

Lightning Talk: Wednesday, May 15 at 5 p.m.


Kristin Felsch

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
The Behavioral and Neuropharmacological Effects of Acute and Repeated Exposure to MDMA During Adolescence


Athena Peterson

Major: Microbiology
Apicomplexa and other protists of thermosensitive reef-building coral Acropora hyacinthus shift in abundance throughout an extreme bleaching event


Colin Lindquist

Major: BioHealth Sciences
Palliative care, Hospice, and Psychedelics: Accessing Oregon Psilocybin Services at the End of Life


Niamh Nolan

Major: Animal Sciences
Preliminary Spatial characterization of placental immune response to Zika virus infection in the nonhuman primate


Emma Gilmore

Major: BioHealth Sciences
Shadows and Spirits: Illuminating the Effects of Attention on Dark-Enhanced Startle Responses Under the Influence of Alcohol


Aida Marquez Murga

Major: Biology
Dying with Dignity Across the Nation 


Addie Rang

Majors: Agricultural Sciences & International Studies

Biometric Studies of the Stingless Bee Lepidotrigona flavibasis (Cockrell 1929) (Apidae: Meliponini) in Northern Thailand


Roxanne Bahn-Bales

Majors: Bioengineering

Interviews with Gender-Affirming Surgeons: Applications and Implications of Tissue Engineering Research and Impact of Legislative and Policy Restrictions on Gender-Affirming Surgeries and Patient Care


Riley Lecocq

Majors: Kinesiology

An Exploration of Motivators and Barriers to Exercise in the Local Parkinson's Disease Community


Caroline Lee

Majors: Public Health

 Associations between Food Intake and Lipid-lowering Medication Use: A Scoping Review


Lightning Talk: Friday, May 17 at 10 a.m. in LINC 368


Abby Luna

Major: Environmental Science
The Bird Gap


Brandon Fahlenkamp

Major: Biology with an Ecology Option
Effects of Solanum sisymbriifolium on the plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne hapla


Zoe Morrison

Major: Civil Engineering
The Impact of Powered Mobility Use on Expressive Communication Development of Young Children with Disabilities


Andrew Kim

Major: Biochemistry/Biophysics and Music Double Major
Diagnosis of Koi Herpesvirus Latency using Latency Associated Gene Transcript as Testing Target


Atticus Inman

Major: Biology
Cannabis Flower, Concentrates, and Edibles: a Scoping Review of Product-Formulation-Specific Health Outcomes


Sophia Morton

Major: Applied Physics
GW190521: a binary black hole merger inside an active galactic nucleus?


Alina Hyk

Major: Science and Psychology
The Future of Learning: Assessing AI Avatar Use in Educational Settings


Franklin Harding

Major: Mathematics
On the Unforgeabilty of Blind Schnorr in the Limited Concurrency Setting


Bianca Parsons

Major: Biology
Workplace Burnout in Veterinary Staff: A Student’s Perspective and Analysis


Lightning Talk - Board of Regents: Friday, May 17 at 2 p.m.

Kristen Adamec

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Increasing Participant-Robot Interactivity of Benn-E Bot


Mia Tognoli

Major: Psychology and Piano Performance
Drinking in the Dark: Exploring How Environmental Lightness and Darkness Contribute to Drinking Behaviors


Zane Walker

Major: Botany
Characterizing the Bryophyte Flora of the Late Cretaceous: Jamesrossia plicata gen. et sp. nov. from the Antarctic peninsula


Grace Knutsen

Major(s): History, French, & German 
Service and Citizenship: Reflections of Oregonian Women's Service in World War II


Poster Presentation: Friday, May 17 from 1 - 3 p.m.

viewable in person on 3rd floor of LINC bldg (Corvallis campus)


Zachary Bosworth

Major: Bioengineering

Developing a Three-Dimensional Rodent Cartilage Visualization Tool Using Histological Images


Susanna Charlton

Major: Major: Biology
Effects of large woody additions on instream habitat for Coho Salmon in California streams


Lindsay Beaman

Major: Psychology

The Ramifications of Racial Microaggressions in Healthcare: A Modified Replication Study


Lucinda Boyle

Major: Natural Resources

Moss and Salmon: A journalistic perspective on ecological relationships in the Grande Ronde River Basin


Michele McCann

Major: Animal Science
Anthology of Familial Poems


Maxwell Fry

Major: Biology

What is Human? Existential Riddles in Biology


Thalia Clow

Major: Kinesiology 

The True Toys’ Story: Play Should Be For Everyone 


Lucy Lin

Major: Computer Science
Properties and Applications of Biharmonic and K-harmonic Distances in Clustering


Ashley Robinson

Major: Finance and International Business
The UK Gender Pay Gap Transparency and its affects on Oregon Consumers


Kyra (Kiki) Kappos

Major: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences
Locating Carcharodon carcharias in Oregon Waters


Kiwi White

Major: Mathematics
Investigation of Cultural and Spiritual Importance of Illuminated Manuscripts Through Manuscript Reproduction


Lauren Ringrose

Major: Environmental Sciences (option in Applied Ecology), Minor in Forestry, and GIS Certificate
Aquatic Vertebrate Responses to Canopy Cover Changes and Alternative Riparian Buffers Adjacent to Oregon Coast Range Streams


Geneviev Sauret

Major: Geology
Analysis of the geometry and internal structure of an ice shelf basal melt channel on the Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf


Kieran Manning

Major(s): Geology and Earth Science
Elemental analysis by scanning XRF of a Labrador Sean sediment core to better understand how ice left the planet through the last deglaciation


Lia Kane

Major: Biology with an Option in Marine Biology and Ecology
Impacts of Increasing Temperatures on Early Life History Stages of Tiger Grouper (Mycteroperca tigris) from Little Cayman, Cayman Islands


Helena Rocha

Major: Biology Option in Marine Biology

Humpback Whales in the Bering Sea: Ecological Impacts of Warming on Cetaceous Species in the North Pacific


Gabby Chavez Tista

Major: Nutrition

Factors Influencing Food Insecurity among Orchard Workers in Oregon


Jackson Ryan

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Physical Validation and Testing Procedures of Aerodynamics for Global Formula Racing


Sofia Arola

Major: Biology
Susceptibility of Different Rodent Species to Potential SARS-CoV-2 Infection


Julia Pavlosek

Major: Microbiology

Risk Perception Among Well Owners in Oregon


Ethan Makinster

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Effects of Binaural Beats and 432 Hz on Stress in College Students


Tara Conrad

Major: Microbiology

Evaluating Phenotypic and Genotypic Patterns of Antimicrobial Resistance in E. coli From Oregon Watersheds


Mattea Holt Coburg

Major: Biology and Piano Performance
Insights into Antarctic blue whale migrations from seasonal and diel vocalization trends off New Zealand


Daniel Hickey

Major: Biological Data Science

How Online Hate Communities Evolove: A Dynamic Network Analysis of Hate Subreddits


Ian Todd

Major(s): Microbiology and Political Science
Boom and Bust: how Streamlined Methlotrophs Influence Oceanic Biogeochemistry