All application deadlines for 2015 UHC admission have passed. Applications for fall 2016 admission will be available on September 1st, 2015 for first year applicants and January 1st, 2016 for current OSU and transfer applicants.


Admission to the University Honors College (UHC) is competitive. Students who are eligible to apply must complete the appropriate UHC application.

First-Year Students – Students applying to the UHC directly from high school for fall 2015 admission apply by filling out the University Honors College application section of the OSU undergraduate application for admission. The deadline to apply for fall 2015 admission as a first-year applicant was February 1st.

* Note: First-year applicants who applied to OSU without filling out the University Honors College application section and now wish to apply can do so by submitting the first-year Honors College application here on the UHC web site. All information must be filled out even if the questions also appeared on the OSU application.

Transfer Students - Students transferring to OSU from another college or university who wish to apply to the UHC for fall 2015 admission should fill out the University Honors College transfer student application here on the UHC web site (link will be available January 1, 2015).

Current OSU Students – Students who are already enrolled at OSU and wish to apply to the UHC for fall 2015 admission should fill out the University Honors College current student application here on the UHC web site (link will be available January 1, 2015).

International Students  International students should first identify which type of UHC applicant they are (first-year, transfer, or current OSU) and apply to the UHC by filling out the correct application here on the UHC web site.


Minimum Criteria to be Considered for UHC Admission

First-Year Students (entering from high school)

3.75 cumulative un-weighted high school GPA or

1820 on the SAT or

27 on the ACT

Transfer Students (transferring to OSU from another college or university) 

3.5 Cumulative transfer GPA

Current OSU Students (already enrolled at OSU)

3.5 Cumulative OSU GPA


Application Deadlines & Notification Dates

First-Year Applicants (applying to the UHC directly from high school)       

Early round application submission dates

September 1st - November 1st

Early round UHC admission decision date

December 31st



Primary round application submission dates

November 2nd - February 1st

Primary round UHC admission decision date

March 31st


Current and Transfer Applicants (already enrolled at OSU or transferring from another institution)

Application submission dates

January 1st - March 15th

UHC admission decision date

April 30th 


UHC Application Checklist

  1. Identify which type of UHC applicant you are and make sure you meet the minimum UHC application criteria.
  2. Apply to the UHC either on the OSU application (first-year students) or on the UHC web site (current OSU students and transfer students). On the UHC application you will be asked to provide: 
    • A written response to the UHC essay question (450-500 words). Note: Essay questions are updated each year. See below for this year’s essay question.
    • A written description of three extracurricular activities that have had a significant impact on you and/or your community.
    • A list of AP, IB, or college credits you have completed, are taking, or plan to take.
    • Optional: Additional circumstances that should be known by the UHC selection committee but have not been shared in another section of this application.
    1. Verify that the OSU Office of Admissions receives official transcripts and SAT/ACT test scores (first-year students only).
    2. Check your e-mail regularly. The UHC will communicate with you via e-mail with questions or important updates.

    *All admitted students will be considered for UHC scholarships. If admitted, you may be asked to provide additional information to be used in the scholarship selection process.


    UHC Admission Selection Process

    Though similar, the selection process for UHC admission is separate from admission to the university. Due to enrollment constraints, UHC selections are extremely competitive. While many applicants meet the minimum criteria for UHC admission, not all of them will be offered admission.

    Selection criteria for an incoming first-year student is based on cumulative un-weighted high school GPA, SAT or ACT scores, plus a response to the essay question. The essay response is weighed equally with GPA and test scores, so give special consideration to this component of the application. The strength of courses taken in high school, as well as personal or academic attributes that will enrich the Honors community, may also be considered.

    For college transfers or current OSU students, selection criteria are based on the applicant's college GPA and the essay response. Personal or academic attributes that will enrich the Honors community are also considered.


    2014 Admitted UHC Student- Average Statistics

    3.94 cumulative un-weighted high school GPA 

    2031 on the SAT 

    31 on the ACT

    3.8 cumulative transfer or OSU GPA


    Application Fee

    There is no fee to apply to the University Honors College.


    Honors College Tuition and Financial Aid

    University Honors College students are assessed "Honors College Differential Tuition" each term. UHC Differential Tuition enables the University Honors College to provide small seminar-style classes, academic advising, co-curricular activities and other amenities. UHC Differential Tuition is currently $341 per term and will appear on each student's billing account for each fall, winter, and spring term that the student is enrolled at Oregon State.  

    The UHC recognizes that the UHC Differential Tuition associated with enrollment in the Honors College can present a financial challenge for some students. Honors students who are unable to pay the differential tuition in a specific term can apply for a UHC Differential Tuition Grant.


    2015 UHC Application Essay Question
    All University Honors College applicants must complete this essay in 450-500 words.

    Note: OSU and the University Honors College seek students with a diversity of interests and perspectives who possess the capacity and motivation to excel. The essay is an important part of your UHC application and should represent your polished writing. Your response will be scored on your writing skills and your ability to think deeply and creatively. Answer the question succinctly, but with enough detail for the selection committee to get a clear sense of your competencies. Most students applying to the UHC hold similar values such as hard work and academic achievement.  When responding to the UHC essay prompt, consider sharing information that distinguishes you from similarly accomplished peers.

    “Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity—I am my language.”

    Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera:
    The New Mestiza
    , 4th ed.
    (San Francisco, CA: Aunt Lute Books, 2012), 81. 

    Question: In the passage above, Gloria Anzaldúa suggests that language and identity are fundamentally connected. Before you begin writing your response, reflect on how your use of language in different contexts is connected to your identity. Choose a phrase from your vocabulary that will allow you to examine that connection, then discuss how that phrase reveals something about 1) your identity and 2) the society or culture in which you live. Responses may focus on ethnic identity and/or other forms of identity.

     If you have questions contact us at or 541-737-6400