The Honors College connects students with the resources needed to find that unique opportunity that utilizes and celebrates their talents. This site is tailored specifically for the needs of honors students. Students gain the resources needed to obtain skills to reach their career goals, whether that be with employment, graduate school or entrepreneurship.

The Honors College strives to be a connector between students across the university and employers.  HC students work toward becoming competent, innovative, and professional leaders. Students in any major are encouraged, and for some majors, required, to have work experience in their chosen fields. To help connect students to suitable positions, we have developed a series of links, search engines, and our own online job page. Students are also encouraged to visit the OSU Career Development Center, to have their resume reviewed and to learn helpful tips for being hired. Look below for more information on agencies and search engines.

Career Exploration. How do I figure out which career is best for me?

Workshops and Program Calendar. Add events to my calendar.

Job Search Tools. Search for job postings with popular search engines.