As you plan or adjust your Fall schedule, take a look at the interesting courses below (many of them being offered in the Honors College for the first time!).

See the Fall 2018 course descriptions for more details, or check out the Academic Year Schedule for all of the honors courses currently planned for 2018-19. And don’t forget the HC 409 options for cultural ambassadorship and civic engagement! Click on the links for more information.


HC 407 Exploring the Oceans Then and Now

CRN: 19731; Section 012; T 1200 - 1250; 1 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Holly Campbell

This course explores the last one hundred years' exciting evolution of interdisciplinary oceanography.  We will trace the highlights of technological advances, marine science (chemistry, physics, biology), mapping and bathymetry, the contributions of women to the field, and the human dimensions of economics, ethics, world politics and competition. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Lighting for Human Wellbeing

CRN: 19408; Section 025; M 1800 - 1950; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Milena Simeonova

Indoor Lighting impacts our health; what we see (and don’t see) sends signals to our brains; regulating hormonal production, mind concentration, and sleep. To learn what are healthy lighting conditions, students will do “hands-on” and “mock-ups” with real-life LED lighting applications, at OSU campus buildings. Students will also practice “frugal creativity” and “simplicity” for sustainability. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Adaptations for the Stage

CRN: 19590; Section 033; MW 1300 - 1350; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Elizabeth Helman

This creative writing workshop focuses on the adaptation of existing works of literature for the stage. Projects can include (but are not limited to) the adaptation of poetry, fiction, or historical narratives. At the end of the term, student work will be showcased in a publicly staged reading. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 The Holocaust in the Digital Age

CRN: TBD; Section TBD; online; 2 HC Credit(s) 

Instructor(s): Katherine Hubler

A "virtual tour" of Anne Frank's hiding place. Conversations with 3-D avatars of actual Holocaust survivors. Tweets from now-deceased Jewish passengers of the ill-fated St. Louis cruise-liner, forced to return to Europe on the eve of WWII after being denied entry into Cuba, the US, and Canada. This class explores the historical intersection of the Holocaust and new media.  It will also analyze how social media, visualizations, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are currently being used by Holocaust researchers and educators during a time when awareness about the Holocaust is fading and antisemitic incidents are on the rise. This is an Ecampus course. Tuition rates for Ecampus courses are different than on-campus courses and can be found at Satisfies: HC Colloquia