As you plan or adjust your Spring schedule, take a look at the interesting courses below (many of them being offered in the Honors College for the first time!).

See the Fall 2021 course descriptions for more details, or check out the Academic Year Schedule for all of the honors courses currently planned for 2021-22. And don’t forget the HC 409 options for cultural ambassadorship and civic engagement!


HC 407 Imaging the American West

2 HC Credit(s) CRN: 19685 Section 024 SEM W 1000 - 1150

Instructor(s): John Campbell

Images of the American West are formative in American and, to some extent, world culture. The Western landscape has been portrayed as iconic: a stage on which cultural constructions of individualism, gender, empire, otherness, and nature are graphically enacted. Western peoples, similarly, have often been presented as archetypes (or as stereotypes) representative of American myths, fears, and ideals. In this course, we will explore images of the West—paintings, photographs, and Western films—and their implications for contemporary culture and identity. As an integral part of this exploration, we will create original images in order to experience the power of visual depiction in a landscape context. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Adaptation for the Stage

2 HC Credit(s) CRN: 16325 Section 033 SEM MW 1300 - 1350

Instructor(s): Elizabeth Helman

This course is a hands-on workshop where students will develop existing literary material for the stage. Students will explore the basic elements of creating “stageable” dramatic works including characterization, structure, conflict, perspective, setting, and plot. Projects include the development of several short adaptations based on class prompts, the adaptation of a historical account, an adaptation of the student’s choosing, and participation in a class showcase. In this setting students will read and critique each other’s work and participate in an editing process. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Visual Culture and the Meaning Behind Images

2 HC Credit(s) CRN: 19673 Section 018 SEM MW 1100 - 1150

Instructor(s): Daniele Di Lodovico

We live in a culture dominated by images and while we are always able to see them, often time we miss the chance to really understand how these images work and why they have the power to significantly modify our behavior and affect our lives. This course explore the dynamic behind the significance of images and how they create the meaning that influence and shape our perspective on society and life. Students will have the chance to build the critical skills to analyze and comprehend how an image creates meaning and establishes different ranges of human responses. Each week we will explore a topic related to visual culture with an interdisciplinary approach that will include elements of art history, visual studies, philosophy, anthropology, photography, advertisement and social media studies. Course activity will entail the making of art, active interpretation of images and student-led discussions. All students will become independent critical thinkers and build the ability to analyze images in an original and analytical way, based on contextual and visual evidence. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Coaching Youth Programs

1 HC Credit(s) CRN: 18305 Section 014 SEM R 1100 - 1150

Instructor(s): Karen Swanger

This course focuses on developing the skills necessary to work with youth in any setting! Instruction is based on the model of Positive Youth Development and the research surrounding it. Positive Youth Development focuses on building relationships with youth by increasing confidence, developing character and life skills competence, by showing and developing compassion, and by most importantly by creating connections. Students will learn to impact the social and emotional growth of any youth they interact with now and in their future careers. Students will have the opportunity to work with youth in a positive youth development setting and develop lesson plans during the course. They will develop applicable skills to working with youth in sport and recreation such as written and oral communication skills, planning and organization, and project and lesson management. Topics will include Positive Youth Development, identity development, growth mindset, communication skills. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Gender, Sexual Politics, and Music: Case Studies in Musical Identity and Representation

1 HC Credit(s) CRN: 16324 Section 032 SEM F 1200 - 1350 Meets Weeks 1-5 Only

Instructor(s): Kimary Fick

This course aims to participate in the discourse on the inequity and discrimination experienced by women and members of the LBGTQ community in music. Students will examine key literature in music and gender studies that identifies theories, methodologies, and key concepts. Each weekly meeting will be devoted to applying these methods through case studies across the history of western music to today. Topics include an examination of the different cultural conditions in which women made music, the influence of women on the musical world and the surviving canon, music and identity formation, and representations of women and sexuality both on the historical stage and in contemporary popular music. Through this course students will develop a deep understanding of issues surrounding gender and music studies and form a personal viewpoint on addressing these topics as related to modern culture and society. Meets Weeks 1-5 Only. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia


HC 407 Experiential Marketing - Sports, Tourism & Performing Arts

2 HC Credit(s) CRN: 19870 Section 009 SEM T 1600 - 1750 Required all day field trip Sunday, October 17th

Instructor(s): Sheryl Spann

This course covers basic principles used by marketing professionals employed in the highly experiential product/services world of marketing within experiential tourism, cultural, sports, special events and performing arts. We will discuss relationships between customers, products, organizations and the unique specialty marketing required in this exciting, dynamically evolving world of experiential products while offering an experiential class component. Required all day field trip Sunday, October 17th. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia



HC 407 Life - The Biosphere Through Space and Time

2 HC Credit(s) CRN: 18310 Section 026 SEM M 1000 - 1150

Instructor(s): Stephen Atkinson

In this course we will cover aspects of biology, ecology, parasitology, geology, astronomy and how these filter into our everyday human lives through the news media, science fiction and other genres. Students will get a brief introduction to different means of artistic expression, and demonstrate how you can convey scientific concepts in creative ways. This colloquium class should satisfy anyone who is curious about the living world in and around them, and wants to experience a synthesis of academic and artistic learning. Typical class time will involve discussion on the weekly topic, student presentations, and hands-on activities. Assessment will be through creative assignments that include: short oral presentations, art creations using different media, and written reflections and critiques posted to Canvas. There will be no mid- or final- exams. If you don't have a science or art background - don't worry! Everyone is welcome, and all activities will be demonstrated. We will all benefit from hearing and seeing the variety of experiences and skills you each bring to the class. Graded: P/N. Satisfies: HC Colloquia