Current Honors Students

Current Honors College students are eligible for two types of scholarships: Tuition Scholarships and Experiential Learning Awards. 

Questions about HC scholarships should be directed to [email protected] or 541-737-6400.

Tuition Scholarships

The HC recognizes that the differential tuition associated with enrollment in the Honors College can present a significant challenge. The college has two resources designed to assist students who are facing the possibility of withdrawing from the college due to the cost. The Honors College Differential Tuition Scholarship provides continuing students with an award covering either the full ($500/quarter) HC differential tuition or half ($250/quarter) the differential tuition amount. Awards are typically for one-year and are not automatically renewed. Applications for 2024-2025 will open on March 15, 2024. All scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year have been awarded. Honors undergraduates who are unable to pay the differential tuition in a specific term due to unforeseen circumstances can apply for a one-term, non-renewable HC Differential Tuition Grant at any time during the academic year. The review process for tuition grants is distinct from other HC determinations. Only students who are currently enrolled in the college are eligible to apply for these awards - incoming students are not eligible to apply. All scholarships for incoming students are awarded through the Honors College admissions process.

Some Honors College scholarships will be paid through the donor-supported funds listed below.

ruth a. beyer Honors College Scholarship

Created by OSU honors program graduate Ruth A. Beyer '77, this scholarship supports students in the Oregon State University Honors College.

Brazelton-Aust Family Honors College Scholarship

Created by HC alumnus Cort Brazelton '03, this scholarship supports HC undergraduates.

michael and janice burgett Honors College Scholarship

The Michael and Janice Burgett Honors College Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students in the OSU Honors College.

Hansell Legacy honors college Scholarship Honors College

Longtime Honors College supporter John S. Hansell ’72 established this fund to provide scholarships for undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Honors College and who have financial needs.

Joe Hendricks honors college Scholarship

The "Joe Fund" was endowed by the University Honors College Board of Regents and is supported by generous gifts from alumni and friends to honor the service of the founding dean of the Honors College, Joe Hendricks. The fund supports scholarship awards for undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors College and sustains an annual faculty-nominated award, the Joe Hendricks Honors College Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

glenn holcomb memorial honors college scholarship

Endowed by Virginia and Norman V. McKibben '59, this fund provides scholarships to undergraduate students in engineering who are enrolled in the Oregon State University Honors College.

Kralj Family Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship, created by Mark '77 and Kathy Kralj, supports continuing HC students with junior or senior class standing who have unmet financial need.

Carol hill pickard honors college differential tuition scholarship

Created by long-time Honors College supporters Carol '76 and Rich Pickard, this scholarship supports students in paying the Honors College differential tuition.

Sandra W. and John R. Potter Scholarship

Supported by an endowment established by Sandra W. Potter (retired Professor of Zoology) and John R. Potter (retired plant physiologist, USDA-ARS), long-time supporters of the Honors experience, the Potter Scholarship is available to continuing HC students with unmet financial need. This scholarship can be renewed pending satisfactory progress toward the HC degree.

OREGON state University Honors College Dean’s Scholarship

Supported by contributions from a range of donors, this scholarship supports outstanding incoming and continuing students in the HC.

sally j. tripp honors college scholarship

This endowed scholarship fund was established by Ms. Sally J. Tripp to support Oregon State University Honors College students with unmet financial need whose academic major falls within the College of Science or the College of Liberal Arts, excluding psychology or sociology, and excluding students who participate in revenue sports at the university. Preference is given to students who lived in a single parent household while in high school. Initial awards are for one year with possibility for renewal pending satisfactory progress toward Honors College degree completion.

honors college differential tuition support scholarship

This scholarship is supported by Oregon State University Honors College donors and the Honors College Parent and Family Leadership Circle to assist students in paying for the Honors College differential tuition.

Wayne and marta von borstel oregon state university honors college scholarship & von borstel and associates, inc. honors college scholarship

Created by Honors College parents and supporters Wayne and Marta von Borstel, these scholarships support honors students who graduated from The Dalles High School and Sherman County Union High School. Students graduating from other schools in Sherman, Wasco, Hood River, Gilliam, Wheeler, Morrow, Crook, Umatilla, Jefferson or Deschutes counties may also be considered.

thomas p. wall, dds and aubrey horn honors college student support scholarship

Created by Thomas and Valerie Wall, this scholarship supports students in the Oregon State University Honors College majoring in civil engineering or pre-dentistry.

margaret lance walton honors college scholarship

Supported by an endowment established by Mrs. Margaret Walton '55, the Walton Scholarship is available to students entering the Honors College from small Oregon public high schools (graduating class of 100 or less).

Janet Richens Wiesner University Honors College Scholarship for Undergraduate Women in Science

Sue and Martin Koffel created this scholarship fund in honor of Mrs. Koffel’s mother, Janet Richens Wiesner. In addition to tuition scholarships for undergraduate women in the University Honors College majoring in any branch of science, this fund supports an annual faculty-nominated award. OSU scholarships that limit eligibility by sex and/or gender are administered through a process that ensures that members who identify as another sex and/or gender are not disadvantaged in terms of the number of scholarship opportunities available.

Barbara Carlin and Mary Carlin Yates Honors college Scholarship

Endowed by the Honorable Mary Carlin Yates ‘68 in honor of her mother, Barbara Carlin, this fund provides scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors College.

david zajicek honors college scholarship

Created by Corvallis Radiology P.C. to honor David Zajicek, this fund provides scholarship support to incoming Oregon State University Honors College students who graduated from Benton County high schools and have demonstrated a high level of community service and have participated in high school extracurricular activities.

Experiential Learning Awards

While enrolled in the HC, students with financial need are eligible to apply for awards in support of experiential learning opportunities, such as Honors College-sponsored study and service abroad opportunities, thesis research expenses, and participating in professional conferences. Receipt of awards is not guaranteed, and applications are reviewed based on impact of the funding and value of the experience on applicant's goals and education. Visit here for more information on how to apply.

Honors Experience Scholarships

The Honors Experience Scholarship can provide students with up to $1,000 in support of participation in Honors College sponsored international opportunities or $750 in support of conference participation or thesis research expenses. Funding is limited and reviews are competitive based on financial need and the impact of the award. Paid experiences are not eligible for award. All awards are paid as scholarships.

Some experiential scholarships will be awarded through the Ken and Paula Krane Experiential Learning Scholarship and the James Krueger Honors Fund. Both scholarships were created by long-time faculty members and friends of the Honors College to support the Honors experience.

Travel awards may be funded by the "Grandma Honors" Professional Travel Award. Supported by an endowment established by Mrs. Anita Summers, known to many Honors students as “Grandma Honors,” this award is intended to provide partial support for travel related expenses to honors students participating in professional conferences in their field.

DeLoach Work Scholarship

The DeLoach Work Scholarship supports Honors College students engagement with research supporting their Honors College thesis. Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Barton DeLoach endowed the DeLoach Work Scholarship Fund with generous gifts and bequests between 1977 and 1988. Dr. DeLoach was an Oregon State faculty member from 1935 to 1949.

Richard Chambers Environmental Research Award

The Chambers Environmental Research Fund is intended to foster projects or research in applied environmental enhancement and/or conservation involving the preservation or betterment of Oregon’s wilderness, natural resources, or quality of life. Established in 1977 in memory of Richard Chambers, a pioneer in Oregon environmental protection who developed anti-litter legislation which still stands today as an example of how recycling efforts can reduce the flow of garbage and conserve increasingly precious  energy, Chambers awards are made as a part of the HC's biannual DeLoach Work Scholarship program (see below). All DeLoach applications that are environmental in nature will be reviewed for eligibility to receive the Chambers Environmental Research Award.

Grandma Honors Professional Travel Award

Supported by an endowment established by "Grandma Honors," Mrs. Anita Summers, this award is intended to provide partial support for expenses incurred by Honors students presenting their research at a professional meeting in their field.

Ken and Paula Krane Experiential Learning Scholarship

Established by HC friends Ken and Paula Krane, this fund supports students participating in experiences out of the classroom.

James Krueger scholarship fund

Established by HC friend and longtime teacher James Krueger, this fund supports students participating in experiences out of the classroom.