Oregon State University students who are not in the Honors College and have a cumulative OSU GPA of 3.25 or higher can submit a request to fill an empty seat in any Honors College course by following the steps and guidelines below: 

  • The form can only be filled out on or after the day you are eligible to register; however, it can be filled out at any time during that day. If you're not sure when you're eligible to register, check the OSU Priority Registration Schedule or check your registration status on the Academics tab in Beaverhub.
  • You must have a cumulative OSU GPA of 3.25 or higher. OSU GPA does not include transfer GPA. Your cumulative OSU GPA will be verified by an Honors College academic advisor. 
  • Request forms will be numbered in the order received, and spots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. While non-degree-seeking students are eligible, undergraduate degree-seeking students will be given priority.
    • Note – Ecampus non-honors students will be given priority for empty seats in Ecampus Honors courses over Corvallis and Cascades non-honors students.
  • These request forms will be processed after all Honors College students have had a chance to register during phase 2, in the order described above. 
    • Note - Requests for fall term courses will not be processed until the Tuesday before classes begin (late September) to allow incoming HC students full access to classes.
  • If there are still empty seats in the course when your request is processed, and if you meet the cumulative OSU GPA minimum of 3.25, an HC advisor will enter a registration override and send instructions to register for the course to your ONID email. 
  • Submitting the request to fill an empty seat in an Honors course does not guarantee a spot in the course; register for your “plan B” and do NOT change your schedule until you receive an email from an HC advisor to inform you that your request has been approved.
  • The max enrollment capacities on Honors courses will not be increased, nor can you be placed on a waitlist.  All requests for enrollment into a full course will be denied. 
  • If approved, the registration override you will be given will only override the honors degree requirement and will not override or waive any other pre-reqs or restrictions.
  • If you would like to submit a request to fill an empty seat in an Honors College course, please complete the Request for Enrollment Form on or after the day that you are eligible to register. 


Questions? Contact the HC Advising Office at [email protected].