Honors College Student Association (HCSA)

The Honors College Student Association (HCSA) is an organization for all HC students. Students in this student organization are involved in campus activities in both big and small ways. A shared leadership structure allows for empowerment of HC students in large Honors decisions. HCSA meets weekly to plan academic events, social gatherings, service projects, and trips. HCSA events include:

  • Student organized trips, including camping, skiing, and hiking
  • Annual forums on topics affecting students
  • Annual organization and participation in the OSU Food Drive
  • Annual coordination and selection of Outstanding HC Professor award
  • Quarterly community service projects
  • Quarterly study breaks

In addition to activities, members of the student organization serve as student representatives of the HC. In this way, HCSA provides as a place where students can voice their concerns and give feedback the college.

If you are interested in joining the Honors College Student Association, you are welcome to attend their weekly meetings posted on the OSU Honors app and website, contact the HC office in LInC 450, or email [email protected].

Student Leadership Circle

The Honors College Student Leadership Circle lends a diverse student voice to college issues and advises the deans and directors on various topics affecting students and their educational and social experiences at the Oregon State University Honors College. The Honors College Student Leadership Circle consists of representatives from every undergraduate college at Oregon State University, the OSU Cascades Honors College community, various student leadership groups.  Applications are accepted each fall and representatives are appointed annually.  

Monday Message

The Monday Message is a weekly Honors College newsletter sent out at the beginning of every week during fall, winter, and spring terms. It contains important information about HC events, opportunities, and deadlines, as well as campus-wide announcements that are especially relevant to HC students, faculty, and staff. Each message includes a table of contents, so topics that are of particular interest to you are easily and quickly accessible. All HC students are strongly encouraged to review the Monday Message contents each week, as it is the best (and sometimes only) source of information about a wide variety of opportunities, events, and news that can make a big difference in your HC and Oregon State experience.

HC Council

The Honors Council is a Faculty Senate committee consisting of at least six faculty members and at least two students. The Honors Council works with and advises the Dean, assisting in the curricular structure and content of the Honors College. This may include admissions, selection of Honors Faculty members, and maintenance and regular assessment of program quality. Students interested in becoming involved in the HC Council should contact the Honors College office in LInC 450 or by email.

Honors Ambassadors

Honors Ambassadors are a group of current HC students who help represent the HC at recruiting events, connect with prospective Honors students, and provide key assistance with HC outreach. If you are a current HC student interested in becoming an Honors Ambassador please contact Courtney Lira, the HC Recruitment and Student Engagement Coordinator,. If you are a student, parent or community member who would like to hear about the HC from a student perspective you can contact an HC Ambassador via e-mail.

HC3 - Honors College Community Coffee

The Honors College Community Coffee is an event to celebrate and build a thriving community within the Honors College.  Students, faculty, staff, and friends are encouraged to stop by for a hot drink, snack and conversation twice a term.  For the next HC3 event visit the OSU Honors app or website.

Write for Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop is a student written series on the Honors Link blog. It features short articles offering tips and advice about the Honors College and highlighting students' unique experiences. Students interested in pitching an article can use this form.

Lunch with the Dean

Lunch with the Dean is an opportunity to meet with the HC Dean(s) and share what is on your mind.  The Dean enjoys getting to know students in the Honors College so she can hear thoughts on the college or life in general. This is an informal setting to get to know and interact with each other and hear unique perspectives.  For the next Lunch with the Dean opportunity visit the OSU Honors app or website.

Workshops and Presentations

The HC offers occasional workshops and opportunities to showcase your work.

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OSU Experience

Get connected with the variety of experiences and opportunities available to you at Oregon State! Visit the Oregon State University Experience website and explore the variety of resources and connections.

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