The Honors College requires a unique course evaluation that students complete at the end of the term. This evaluation differs from the standard OSU course evaluation and is used in addition to the OSU Standard Evaluations of Teaching (SET). The HC course evaluation consists of four questions about students’ experiences in the course plus nine quantitative questions. Instructors have found the evaluation extremely helpful in gaining feedback on their HC courses.

HC evaluations will be emailed directly to students as a Qualtrics survey during week 9 of each term.  Please remind students to check their email, and encourage them to complete the evaluation.

A PDF version of the HC course evaluation is included below for your review, but this PDF is not distributed to students. Students submit their course evaluations on the Qualtrics survey above. 

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process, please contact the HC Office directly 541-737-6400

Written Evaluation Form (PDF)