HC Learning Outcomes

The Honors College has established two learning outcomes.  These outcomes describe the skills that participation in HC courses and activities (including the honors thesis) allows all HC students develop by the time they graduate.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Honors College is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive environment, and we have adopted a statement of that commitment for honors course syllabi.

Honors Pedagogy

Honors Pedagogy

It's easy to say what honors pedagogy is not. It does not involve different disciplinary learning outcomes than other versions of the same course. It's not about adding more work... or even raising the grading standards.

It's more challenging to say what honors pedagogy is. The inaugural Honors Faculty Professional Learning Community identified four key characteristics of honors courses.

Experiential Learning

Honors courses encourage students to learn by doing. Here’s how we define experiential learning, with some examples from recent honors courses. The Meehan Grant program supports the development of new experiential learning opportunities (apply by January 15).

FAQs & Scheduling Basics

Visit the FAQ and Scheduling Basics page for an overview of all the elements related to teaching an HC course, including setting the schedule, confirming the classroom, planning for final exams, setting course fees, and various deadlines. 

Honors Courses, Colloquium Proposals

Course Proposals

Want to teach an honors colloquium? Have an idea for an honors course? Take a look at what it takes, and submit your idea to the HC.

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations help the Honors College to identify classes with high or low demand and to add variety from different disciplines. The OSU Student Learning Experience Surveys (SLEs) now include a block of four questions specific to honors courses.

HC Teaching Spaces

Tara Williams

Take a closer look at the HC classrooms in LINC.


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