Honors College students have access to unique experiential and tuition scholarships. All admitted HC students can apply for honors incoming-student scholarships through ScholarDollars. In addition, current students can apply for experiential learning awards and scholarships that can provide funding for research, study abroad, and other experiences that take learning out of the classroom and into real life. All continuing HC students are also considered for honors-specific merit-based and need-based scholarships each year. 

Students who are concerned about the cost of education should contact the Oregon State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. They welcome questions and can help identify resources and strategies. 


For more information about the scholarship application process for incoming first-year students, visit Scholarships for Incoming First-Year Students.

For details on the scholarships and awards that current and continuing Honors College students are eligible for, visit the list of Scholarships for Current Students.

OSU also supports applications to national and international prestigious scholarships. To find out more, visit the Top Scholars website.

Learn about how you can invest in an Honors College student by making a gift in support of HC scholarships at Giving to the Honors College