Toni Doolen University Honors College DeanWelcome to the Honors College at Oregon State University (HC).  The HC exists to serve the needs and aspirations of high-potential undergraduate students and to create the leaders of tomorrow.  In boardrooms and hospitals, from lecture halls to city halls, in laboratories and forests, on farms and in factories, progress begins with individuals who have the vision to imagine the future and the skills to make that future a reality.

The Honors College engages students in unique curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to help them explore the many opportunities offered by OSU as a world-class research institute. The HC experience is defined by

  • an honors curriculum, featuring small classes with engaged learning led by OSU’s talented and dedicated faculty;
  • a residential experience and co-curricular programming, which provide global, leadership, and service opportunities
  • a meaningful and impactful undergraduate research/scholarship experience

Honors undergraduates explore their full range of interests through small, hands-on courses and dive deeply into a single discipline through an immersive original research project, guided by a faculty mentor. The honors curriculum changes each year to adapt to student interest and to take full advantage of the wide-ranging expertise of Oregon State faculty.  The HC also offers many co-curricular experiences designed to help our outstanding students engage in pursuits to create new knowledge, to serve our local, regional, and international communities, and to fully connect with students, staff, and faculty across disciplines. 

The generous support of friends and alumni has been critical to creating and growing the Honors College, which now serves approximately 1,600 students.  The HC is essential to making Oregon State University a destination for the most promising students in our region and beyond.  The honors experience at OSU is a testament to our commitment to developing a new generation of civic, economic, cultural, and scientific leaders for the state, the region, the country, and the planet. I am truly honored to serve the College, the University, and the State of Oregon in this important charge.

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Toni L. Doolen, PhD

Dean, Oregon State University Honors College